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Nintendo UK website says Poke Ball Plus charging time is three hours

The official Nintendo UK site for the recently announced Poke Ball Plus for the Nintendo Switch is currently live and gives a good overview of what to expect from the intriguing peripheral. The site also reveals that the charging time for the device is around 3 hours. The Poke Ball plus will be available from November 16th.

11 thoughts on “Nintendo UK website says Poke Ball Plus charging time is three hours”

  1. I want this! *gets to the part about the battery* “Do not replace the battery yourself. The battery must be removed and replaced by a qualified professional. Please contact Nintendo Customer Support for more information.”

    That pet peeve aside, I hope this device is allowed to be used with future games & not limited to Go & the Let’s Go games. So if I don’t get Let’s Go Eevee, I’ll wait for confirmation that PokeBall Plus will be functional with the next gen Pokemon games before I do buy it. (Please don’t send these out in shitty stock, Nintendo, in case I do get Let’s Go Eevee. I don’t want to have to slit some old lady’s throat for one. lol)

    1. I’d like to hope it’s used for multiple games, but the pokewalker wasn’t used again after HGSS, so I’m not getting my hope up lmao

      1. Same. After all, GameFreak has a bad habit of not bringing a great idea back for a successive gen. It’ll sadly most likely join the Pokewalker, the first Pokemon in your party following behind you, Soar, Mega Evolutions (they weren’t used as a big thing in Gen 7 so they technically count), & roller skates. I won’t be surprised if Z-Moves join this roster as they aren’t a big thing in the next gen that’s hopefully coming in the second half of 2019. The Alola forms for older Pokemon will probably be axed in the next gen, too. (I hope they prove us wrong, though.)

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