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Masahiro Sakurai Will Appear In The Upcoming Nintendo Direct Presentation

The mastermind behind Super Smash Bros, Masahiro Sakurai, has revealed that he will be appearing in the next Nintendo Direct presentation. His role will presumably be to show off and explain the next entry in the Super Smash Bros franchise which is destined for the Nintendo Switch sometime later this year. He could choose to show off another game too, but it’s not clear what his involvement is. It will be great to see him again.

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31 thoughts on “Masahiro Sakurai Will Appear In The Upcoming Nintendo Direct Presentation”

  1. Only a week left until the best day of the year! Nintendo’s E3 presentation is going to be great.

    1. #giveusmegamanX
      #giveushisbestfriend with his aspect from the X series and MegamanZero (and possibly ZX but I think this one should be a apart because he can use other models like the ninja model, the aquatic model and so on)

    1. I think they mentioned that the ballots from Smash 4 were going to be taken into consideration for this game. Though I would like to vote again.

  2. He’ll most likely be involved with the Smash related stuff. Hopefully we’ll get a passing of the torch moment as they reveal Sakurai was mostly a consultant during Smash 5 development & the real director is someone new. Then Sakurai can put more time & focus into other IPs (not to mention hopefully lighten the load of work he does.)

    1. I still remember when that phone app called him Mashed Potato Samurai Lol XD I hope he give us Adventure Mode so that I don’t have to call him by that name. I respect Sakurai but the excuse he give to not put Adventure Mode in Smash 4 was completely out of place.

      1. Oh yeah! I totally forgot about that. I now remember I was planning on calling him that from that point on. Then I forgot all about it. lol Mashed Potato Samurai. Maybe the phone app thought he worked at KFC.

    1. I haven’t seen you in AGES. I feel that they’ll reveal a new Zelda game in E3, maybe a new 2D Zelda or one similar to Ocarina and Majora’s Mask.

  3. That was kind of a given, no? I mean… Smash Switch is a thing… so yeah it’s only normal that they’d have THE GUY behind it present it to everyone (like they did with Smash Wii U)

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