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Square Enix Sets Up Division Developing Nintendo Switch Games

Game Informer is reporting today that prominent developer Square Enix is planning a number of games for the Nintendo Switch and has devoted a division especially for Nintendo Switch development. However, they are readying their expectations and want to see how Octopath Traveler performs at retail on the Nintendo Switch before committing too much of their resources. Here’s what Tomoya Asano, division executive at Square Enix, had to say to the site:

“Square Enix has decided that it wants to focus on original titles for the Switch,” he says. “If Octopath Traveler does well and this is something that appeals to fans, we want to focus on Switch. Please pick up the Switch if you want to play games like Octopath Traveler.”

“There are several other titles that we’re currently working on for Switch,” he says. “If you could just wait a bit longer, we’ll work with Nintendo and announce them in the future.”


52 thoughts on “Square Enix Sets Up Division Developing Nintendo Switch Games”

    1. Buy Octopath Traveler FIRST! And only then… Square Enix will deliver more games for the Switch.

      1. I think this is specific to new IPs that will be exclusive to Nintendo Switch. Least that’s what I hope because it’d suck for Switch owners if even big IPs like main Final Fantasy and/or Kingdom Hearts coming to Switch were wholly dependent on what looks like an indie title.

      2. @Infinite I’m worried about the game if you really believe it looks like an indie title. To me it is incredibly obvious that this is a game with far more production value than an indie game could ever feasibly give, and the game looks absolutely nothing like an indie title, but if others like you have this mistaken idea that it’s essentially an indie title then it is worrying for the success of Project Octopath.

        And of course arrivals of major IPs are dependent on the sales of this game. Third parties do not trust Nintendo platforms right now for good sales and so they are dipping their toes into the water. If they get burned with Project Octopath then they’re going to think twice before coming back.

        1. I’ve watched Markiplier play quite a few indie games that I felt would be fun to play for myself. I don’t view the term negatively anymore. That said, I probably used the wrong term to describe Octopath’s appearance. I’m bad with words at times & I sometimes use the wrong word to describe something.

      3. Mouse… as a poet would say, “In every life, we have some trouble. When you worry, you make it double.”

  1. As long as it’s quality games. I didn’t really like setsuna and the lost sphear I didn’t try because it looked like more setsuna but octopath traveler is looking to be great

    1. Sucks to be you. Since Nintendo is publishing Octopath Traveler, you have no choice BUT to buy the Switch.

      1. The joy cons are cheaply made. Downgrade from the wii u gamepad. The dock scratches the screen and the switch can bend. The game droughts are also still a problem with nintendo. They’ll never learn.

        1. Is this a hands on impression? Because objectively speaking it is incorrect. The Joy Cons have a ton of tech inside them, and are extremely solid controllers. The Wii U Gamepad feels like a preschoolers toy by comparison.

          I’ve owned mine since day one, never have had the dock scratch my screen, nor any bending on the system, and the bending defects are very rare. Nintendo also had a huge tent pole exclusive nearly every month last year, with several of the best games of the year on their system.

          I respect your opinion, but it isn’t based on fact at all.

      2. I will probally buy it but its going to be a huge waste of money cause I just want to play Zelda and Metroid and possibly pokemon although i’m afraid that its going the be the same as the new switch Pokemon just better graphics but the same looking world and game. Not modernized like Breath of the wild. I would love to see something complety fresh for pokemon like a big open world and online for example.

        The biggest problem with Nintendo in the past 15 years is that they can’t compete with the PC,Playstation and Xbox third party library because of choices that Nintendo has made. The 8 Bit, Snes and Gamecube did have a big library with solid third party.

        I own every Nintendo console ever released besides the WII U and Switch. Grew up with Nintendo and they have been my nr1 company for a big part of my life but after the WII,WII U and now the switch I’m done with it. Looking back at it the PS1,2,3,4 all have a superior library always providing me with 30-40 triple A titles like the Snes did back in the days.

        Zelda is my nr1 lifetime franchise and pretty much the only reason why I have to buy a Switch but I really don’t want to.

        1. A good deal of your post is true, Nintendo dropped the ball hard on third party support from N64 onwards, due to originally a stubborn want to stand by cartridge, then a desire to stand by draconian publishing standards.

          However, that being said the Wii U, and certainly the Switch, have tons of games that are well worth playing. Of course, that is entirely dependent on what types of games you want to play, just like any other console. The wonderful thing about modern gaming is the vast amount of differing games available.

          Do you want the best racing games out there, consumer friendly services, and the rock solid online infrastructure? You need an Xbox One.

          Do you love third person, single player narrative driven games? Then you have to own a PS4, or you are missing out on some of the best games this generation.

          Do you love platformers, local multiplayer, accessibility, and Nintendo franchises? Well my friend, you have to own a Switch.

          Breath of the Wild isn’t a secret, it is one of the best open world action games out there. Super Mario Odyssey is the best 3D platformer I’ve ever played, Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze possibly the best 2D platformer I’ve ever played. Fire Emblem Warriors and Hyrule Warriors are two of the best Musuo games I’ve ever played (especially for a Zelda and FE fan), Mario + Rabbids was one of the most accesible and fun strategy games I’ve played since XCom.

          ARMS is a brawler that is easy to learn, hard to master, and a blast to play. Splatoon 2 is the most fun I’ve had online this side of Overwatch, and the having portable indies is just amazing.

          I could go on like this, but you get the point. The system has a ton of games to play, but it really depends on what genre you like. I would never say to a gamer who likes to play everything that the Switch is the only system they need, but it is a fantastic companion system if you already own one of the other big 2.

          The Switch is the best Nintendo has been in a long time, but of course that is simply my opinion.

          1. Don’t forget Steam and a good working gaming PC if you want most 3rd party offerings as well as the ability to mod every game you have on Steam & PC and/or don’t care about exclusives from Microsoft, Sony, or Nintendo.

      3. na, you guys just constantly lie and you pretend the switch has games. what has it had so far this year? kirby, cardboard and mario tennis? like I’d believe anything you guys say.

        1. Nope. Just see no reason to continue talking to someone who isn’t living in the same reality as the rest of us. There are a lot of reasons you could say you don’t like the Switch that would be your opinion, but the quality of the hardware is just simply not true.

          Furthermore you use intentionally inflammatory language, and didn’t even come by your opinion on your own as you don’t own one and don’t seem to have played one.

          Either way it matters little to me. Don’t buy a Switch.Vote with your wallet.

          Have a good evening.

        1. The hardware reviewed well across the board. If there were any issues with it they were extremely limited, just like any tech. The idea that the hardware is garbage is just absolutely false, and has no merit. That isn’t opinion, it is fact. You didn’t mention a drought of games till just now. Your originally assertion was the Joy Cons are cheaply made (false), the hardware is a downgrade from the Wii U Gamepad (false), the dock scratches the screen (false in all but a select few cases), and the system bends easily (false again, in all but a few cases).

          Now, if your assertion originally had to do with droughts of games maybe I would have been more inclined to agree, depending on what types of games you like.

          If you only like mature games, or you love online games the system is not for you. However, a big exclusive a month for nearly a year being called a drought is laughable at best. My much loved PS4 barely had games on it for the first year, and all of these exclusives didn’t start really raining on us until just recently in the last two years.

          This year, I’m more inclined to agree, especially if you owned a Wii U previously. If you didn’t, then there has been a ton of high quality games this year also. However, I still don’t call Pokemon, Hyrule Warriors, DK Tropical Freeze, Mario Aces Tennis, Sushi Strikers, Bayonetta 1 & 2, Huge DLC expansions for two of their most popular games last year, Yoshi, and Smash as a drought. That doesn’t even count things we don’t know of yet, or indies, or third parties.

          Again, it all comes down to what games you like, but I’m quite happy with my Switch. It already has a stellar library of exclusives, and it is only a year out, with much more to come the rest of the year. I might never want it to be the only console I owned, but I feel it is nearly mandatory if you want to play all the best games out there.

          Then again I feel that way about all the big 3 consoles.

      4. “The game droughts are also still a problem with nintendo.”

        I mentioned it in my first reply to you so you’re factually incorrect.

        tell me the analog sticks on the joy cons are better than the ones on the ii u gamepad. if you say yes I will call you a blatant liar. You know they arent so stop being in denial.

        1. The Wii U is not a home console as well as a portable device, so the sticks can be as big as they want. The Wii U Gamepad is ergonomically not fun to hold, and it is a clunky beast.

          The Joy Cons sticks are fine, I use them all the time in portable mode. Are they as good as PS4 or Xbox One? No, of course not, because exceptions have to be made for portability. They are miles better than Vita though.

          Either way, when I’m playing on TV I use the best controller ever to grace a console: the pro controller.

        2. From an objective standpoint, it’s got hundreds of games on the system so to say the Switch factually had a game drought is 100% wrong. Now subjectively is a different story. If all you want is brand new exclusive Nintendo games, of course it’s barren as there were only around 6(?) games in the first fiscal year of the Switch’s life. Zelda: BotW, Super Mario Odyssey, Fire Emblem Warriors, Xenoblade Chronicles 2, & Mario+Rabbids to name a few.

  2. A division to make exclusive Switch titles, eh. If so, I can see why putting more resources into this division is wholly dependent on Octopath Traveler doing well.

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