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Video: Team Sonic Racing Footage

Laura Kate Dale from Kotaku UK has uploaded some footage of the recently announced Team Sonic Racing. Select members of the press were able to go hands on with the game, which is coming to the Nintendo Switch later this year. Sadly, it’s only 44 seconds worth of footage, but it shows you exactly what to expect and looks similar to the original Sonic Racing for the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. Here’s Kotaku UK’s impressions of the game:

“Team Sonic Racing is a 12-player kart racer where racers are split up into four teams. Where kart racers typically reward players for their personal performance and own finishing position, Team Sonic Racing gives each player on a team points based on their finishing position, then adds up those points for an overall team score. Simply put, you can’t win as an individual by just being the best racer; if the team doesn’t do well, then nobody does.”

“Team Sonic Racing gives players a number of tools to help out their fellow racers, none of which I have really seen employed in this sort of cooperative racing game before. If you pick up an item (called Wisps) while racing around the track, but are considerably further up the pack than your teammates, you can press a button to offer that item to your team. If one of your team members accepts and takes the item, it’ll warp over to them, allowing them to catch up more easily (and hopefully knock a few people off your own tail). If you’re the player falling behind, you can use that same button to request items from your team, and any players with an item available have the option to pass theirs over. By passing items between your team, hitting enemy racers with items, or pulling off collaborative racing moves like slipstream boosts, you can slowly build up a team energy meter too which, when full, can be activated to give every racer on your team a short but substantial speed boost.”


24 thoughts on “Video: Team Sonic Racing Footage”

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  2. Why it’s so hard to beat Mario Kart? Man, every kart game that i have seen in the last 20 years doesn’t match the effort Nintendo does.

    1. How, in any way, shape or form would a RACER benefit from a “better” cast of characters? That’s almost as dumb as the dude who claims Mario Kart 7 looks better visually than this. As long as the car handling, tracks and music is better I could play as a disabled Hello Kitty and it would still be a great game. All-Stars Racing (+ Transformed) benefits from a better soundtrack, better visuals and overall just more interesting track designs.

      1. A Kart Racing in essence is a casual/arcade racing game… Almost a party game. You don’t play it because it’s realistic or it’s racing physics. You do that with other games, like racing simulators, gran turismo, Forza etc… No. You play a Kart game for the fun, the caos, especially Mario Kart, in Which in no given moment yo are safe in your position. A friendly, iconic group of characters gives the game a more familiar environment, and can hide what can be a very frustrating race, a more friendly, funnier moment.

  3. Nice graphics. But the track design is giving me flashbacks of the last two games (which isn’t good imo). I’ll probably rent this game if there’s nothing else coming out at the time.

    1. Same here, It looks way to close to All Stars Racing Transformed’s Car and track designs. Just couldn’t bring myself to like those games. “All Stars Racing” [DS], was far better. Probably only wanna rent it at best.

  4. *heavy sigh* Man, I REALLY wish they’d make another sonic riders like the first two instalments, and not these lame kart racing games :/

    From racing in zero gravity itself to….just another kart racer it seems…

    Not getting my hopes up for this one, though hopefully it turns out great in the end.

    1. Absolute true.. this (and other modern sonic games) is too mediocre.
      Sega must try harder. Must invest more time and money to development. Sega still believe graphic is all. No. Gameplay is in first place..

  5. I like the team mechanic – that adds something a bit different to the mix compared with other kart racers. Watching the gameplay though just makes me think I’ll wish I was playing Mario Kart rather than this. Something just looks off about it in comparison, I can’t immediately identify what. Oh, and the constant talking and taunting of the characters sounds super annoying – when will SEGA learn that this is obnoxious.

  6. Laura Kate Dale. So this is where she’s been: working at Kotaku’s UK branch. No wonder she’s been silent when it comes to revealing her own rumors and/or leaks.

  7. Not bad but.. Is real that hard making a big quality aaa games like crash team racing, speed freaks, F Zero or Mario kart?
    This sonic still look like android phone, tablet halfgames. Ten years back, Ok. But now? Mario kart 7 on 3ds look better and Mario kart 8 is too múch better..

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