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Nintendo Seems To Have Pushed An Update For Fortnite On The Switch eShop

It seems as though more evidence has arrived for Fortnite appearing on the Nintendo Switch. Twitter user  has noticed that Nintendo has pushed through an update for the incredibly popular online multiplayer title on the Nintendo Switch eShop. The company previously uploaded the Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga remake before it was announced, so this isn’t the first time such a thing has happened.

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22 thoughts on “Nintendo Seems To Have Pushed An Update For Fortnite On The Switch eShop”

    1. I suppose they accidental got too ahead of themselves and embedded the required update for the game in the eshops code, implying that the game is coming.

  1. Well, that confirms it. That list of E3 Leaks appears to be Correct then. Glad to know DB Fighterzs is coming to the Switch. Nintendo is really getting careless with these leak accidents.

    1. To be fair, Fortnite has been on switch has been discussed for a long time. Considering it’s devs want it on every platforms, any average joe could put it on an E3 “leak” list.

  2. Off topic, but Why do my comments occasionally await moderation now?
    I don’t recall ever cursing in the posts that await moderation. And I know I’m not banned or soft-Banned, as I never have broken any rules here.
    Am I setting off certain flagged words or maybe the system thinks I’m putting links??
    I think it’s because I really like to use the ellipsis in my posts, so the system thinks it’s a link or something then flags my comments for admin confirmation.

    Anyone else having this problem?

    1. On the article where Square Enix revealed they are doing a division specifically for Switch games, two of my comments got the awaiting moderation bullshit even though I didn’t use any of the words that I know for a fact set it off.

    2. So maybe the awaiting moderation is going haywire for some of us for some stupid reason. Or the awaiting moderation is just becoming more stupid by the day.

      1. Sorry, yeah I think it might be due to the influx of spam. It seems to be happening more since you no longer need to register to comment. I do check the comments from time to time. Sorry about that! I’ll approve those comments.

        1. WordPress reminds me a lot of Gaia Online. Every time you guys change something, something else goes wrong. I know bad code happens to every site (and game) but these two places seem to be the more bug prone when making changes. lol Nothing against you guys (or the ones that run Gaia), though, since you both try to fix the problem when people bring them up & don’t let the issue sit around for years without so much as a word letting people know you guys are hard at work trying to fix said problems.

  3. Nice we’re getting Fortnite and all but I hope I come away from this E3 with a healthy dose of Metroid Prime 4 and Bayonetta 3 footage. A trailer showing some gameplay at least. I know this E3 is Smash’s but some trailers for games announced at last years E3 would be nice 😉

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  5. Welp… looks like it’s confirmed I guess

    I won’t download it unless Epic has FULL Epic Games integration (much like how ps4 and xbox have). I sure as hell don’t want to have a Switch account with none of my skins and shit that I have on PC.

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