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Video: 3 Minutes Of Team Sonic Racing Gameplay

Today has been a busy day for SEGA. The company has released a lot of new material for Team Sonic Racing, including some more gameplay that Shacknews has put up on their YouTube channel. This time, there’s 3 minutes of footage to look through. This video gives us our first look at Shadow in-action. We’ve included the video for you down below.


14 thoughts on “Video: 3 Minutes Of Team Sonic Racing Gameplay”

  1. Was the video quality terribly shuddery for anyone else? I sure hope that was my internet connection and not actually gameplay. In any case, assuming it runs smoothly, this looks like something I’d look forward to. Really liked the first one and I dig all the Sonic characters. Looks like a cool Mario Kart clone… er… kart racer.

  2. I didn’t see Infinite. *sigh* Oh well. I should probably stop expecting to see Infinite in these, though. If he is in the game, they’ll probably want to reveal him with a video that highlights him since he is a new character to the franchise.

      1. It’s not- he hasn’t had that VA since 2011 when almost everyone got replaced except Mike Pollock (the voice of Eggman since at least 05). I don’t remember who currently voices Shadow now, but I do think his old one was better.

  3. The game looks fine and I’m sure it will be fun,but I think I’ll miss the vehicule transformations and the more dynamic race track(well that could still be in this game I guess)

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