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The UK Is Now The Biggest Video Game Market In Europe

The United Kingdom is once again the biggest video game market in the whole of Europe. Those who frequently visit the site will be aware that we publish the UK charts every Monday and it’s the PlayStation 4 which is the dominant console, but the Nintendo Switch is performing well and had a larger marketshare in the United Kingdom than the Xbox One last month, which was May 2018.

  • Digital game purchases for consoles is forecast to reach £721m by 2022 overtaking physical game purchases for consoles for the first time, which is seeing revenue fall at -5% CAGR;
  • Total video games revenue (£5.5bn) is set to overtake total spend on books (£4.9bn) in 2020
  • E-sports is also forecast for double-digit growth of 21% CAGR over the next four years with total revenue growing from £24m in 2018 to £48m.​
  • UK now Europe’s Largest video games market​
  • The UK’s virtual reality sector remains the fastest growing E&M segment with 34% CAGR forecast over the next four years. With more than 7.8m VR headsets forecast to be cumulatively sold in the UK by 2022, PwC expects the virtual reality industry will be worth £1.2bn​
  • Virtual reality the fastest growing segment predicted to be worth £1.2bn by 2022​

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5 thoughts on “The UK Is Now The Biggest Video Game Market In Europe”

    1. Not quite true, firstly because basically no one in Eastern Europe actually pays for games, piracy is huge over there. Also the video games industry does not perform well in Southern Europe. Also it still performs well because comparatively speaking the industry is more successful in the UK than anywhere else in Europe.

      1. I’ve been wondering what the market was in Eastern Europe. What are the big markets over there in all of Europe then? UK, France, Germany.. then Spain and Italy? So language wise a normal PAL Game would get those 5 languages? In America its standard for just English, however certain games have been advertised that there is a French option for Quebec. Spanish is common language option to have but isn’t advertised unless it’s on the back of the box with french for a big AAA game. How would someone from Eastern Europe or in Northern Europe play a game in their language? Do they wait for a localization or just play it in another language?

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