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E3 2018: Bill Trinen Reveals A Little More About Super Smash Bros Invitational

The Super Smash Bros Invitational will be taking place in Los Angeles next week on June 12th and will give players a good look at how the upcoming game for the Nintendo Switch plays. We know next to nothing about the game at the moment but Nintendo of America’s director of product marketing manager, Bill Trinen, has teased what we can expect from the event. Here’s what Bill had to say to Hollywood Reporter.

When asked directly, Trinen was cagey and wouldn’t specify whether it was a new game altogether or a port of the Wii U title for the new console (“Stay tuned” were his exact words), but he did drop a few hints.

“The tournament is going to be designed to show quite a bit of the game in terms of modes, characters and items, but obviously we won’t show everything and we’re keeping a few surprises for later in the year,” he said.


29 thoughts on “E3 2018: Bill Trinen Reveals A Little More About Super Smash Bros Invitational”

  1. Can you imagine them dodging this question, being super mysterious, saying stayed tuned and see if it’s a new game or not… And then revealing “It’s another Wii U port, guys, like the ones we casually mention in Direct Minis”??? It would make no sense!

      1. Going by this, one could say every “sequel” of a fighting game is another port. Every smash has a larger roster, new mechanics, new modes, and plays fairly different from previous games.

  2. I wish the top 8 part of the invitational to rely on a competitive-style ruleset and having neutral stages. At the same time, I wish the exhibition will rely on a more casual oriented ruleset and gameplay.

    This will give the audience a nice view from both a casual and competitive standpoint of Smash Bros in a more distinct difference in comparison from last invitational.

    Since Nintendo has focusing on a more eSport route, I would wish Nintendo will be focusing on some competitive ruleset, but I know the invitational will be more casual like ruleset like last one.

    Still, see pro players duking out will always be fun!

    1. The game isn’t most likely a port or splatoon 2 case it would have been shown off by than Nintendo has been so keen on hiding stuff about this game the only thing we know about the game
      *Hal and namco is making the game
      *its coming out this year
      *The hosting a invational and there hasn’t been any footage of the game

      I don’t know about you but according to what we got from Nintendo there’s no info that points to a port or it its something like splatoon 2 at least splatoon 2 had gameplay when we found out it was coming to the switch same with aces

      1. I’ve heard a lot of people say, well maybe it’s a new game BUT it must barely be a new game like Splatoon 2. This makes no sense to me and is usually based on the argument that it hasn’t been long enough to make a new Smash game. First off the difference between Splatoon and Smash is this Smash game is coming out four years after Smash Wii U and two and a half (or more) years after the final updates to Smash Wii U, while Splatoon 2 came out just two years after the first game and one year after its final update. Also, Smash games don’t actually take that long to develop… The only reason it was a six year wait for Brawl and Wii U was because Sakurai and his team made games in between Smash those times (Kirby’s Air Ride and Kid Icarus). The actual development time of Smash is about two years. What do you know??? That’s less than the amount of time that’s passed since the final updates on Smash Wii U and when Sakurai said he was starting on his next project….

        1. Exactly people really need to understand the development time, not to mention when it comes to smash, not a lot is change for real you usually keep Majority of characters from past games, cut a few and add some new characters and stages and modes all smash games have been like that

  3. He said modes, I hope two of them are Adventure Mode and Smash Run 2. I would also like to see a return of the stepping platforms of Smash 64. I never understood why they its in the first game, but not on the sequels.

    1. Its only*
      -they- is an error. We really need an edit button and someone that gets rid of these stupid pop us 😧

  4. Just a few more days. Must hold off on expectations. Kill them… if you have to.

    BUT if it turns out they’ve been this secretive with an expanded port similar to Splatoon 2, prepare for chaos.

    1. These days we will probably see more rumors. I hope one of those rumor make me laugh a lot like “Nintendo ends their partnership with Niantic and call them traitors” Lol XD

  5. It’s going to be a long weekend, waiting for the potential glory that is Nintendo’s E3 2018 Presentation next week. I still wish they didn’t abandon live stage presentations (a la E3 2005 with Zelda Twilight Princess reveal/crowd reaction).

    Make this Smash worth coming back to again and again, Ninty!

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