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Video: MAX Is Being Added To Super Bomberman R For Nintendo Switch

Konami keeps on providing new content for Super Bomberman R and it’s admirable. The latest addition to the game is MAX who is exclusive to the Nintendo Switch version of the game. The company also released a new trailer showcasing MAX joining the battle in Super Bomberman R which you can view down below.

Super Bomberman R is excited to reveal MAX as an exclusive Character for the SWITCH platform! This historic sometime frienemy and ally of the Bomber Bros is a destructive force all his own! Max Bomber will be arriving soon exclusively to the platform due to popular demand. Switch users will be able to play the mysterious masked warrior and ruthlessly fight enemies with his iconic electric bombs (more details will be shared at a later date).

9 thoughts on “Video: MAX Is Being Added To Super Bomberman R For Nintendo Switch”

  1. I got this on Switch release and paid £50… One of the worst things I’ve ever done lol I traded it in by may last year only had it like 2 months… Took me like 3 hours to beat and the multiplayer was awful… Bug riddled and just plain crap lol

    1. They patched all of that four weeks in though. And then they kept patching in tons of content until present date, including what was basically an expansion pack with a new story and new kind of game mode for single and multiplayer,
      Literally no issue with it now and hasn’t been for a year.

  2. Huh. Super Bomberman R is worth the $50 price tag now. It certainly wasn’t on launch when I picked it up alongside BotW.

    Glad I kept it. Haven’t played since last year, but I still have it.

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