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Video: Watch Rafael Nadal Take On Super Mario – Mario Tennis Aces For Nintendo Switch

In one of his toughest matches yet, “Rafael Nadal, comes up against a new and unexpected challenger: Mario! Watch as these two aces of the game take it to the wire, leaving it up to the umpire to make a tough, match-winning call. Who will get the upper hand? Watch the Mario Tennis Aces “Aces of the game” trailer on the official Mario Tennis Aces website right now and find out!

When Mario Tennis Aces launches for Nintendo Switch on 22nd June 2018, players can take to the court using just a single Joy-Con controller as a tennis racket, and experience the thrill of playing tennis anytime, anywhere, with anyone. With Swing Mode**, players can work up a sweat with accurate and intuitive motion controls to play a variety of different shots across the court, or enjoy more traditional control set-ups in a variety of other modes on offer. Not happy with the umpire’s call? Contest the decision with the new Challenge feature, exclusive to Swing Mode, to see a replay of their shot and see if it was in or out.

The varied playstyles of the Nintendo Switch console allow up to four players to step onto the court together, and with over 15 playable characters to choose from – each with unique characteristics – there’s a favourite for everyone!

Players can use a variety of strategic shots and tactics to fill up their Energy Gauge and then unleash devastating Special Shots to turn the tide of a match. But those who prefer their tennis more down-to-earth can opt for simple rules instead to enjoy a classic tennis experience with friends and family.

Tennis aficionados can also go online to take on friends, or even to take part in regular tournaments. But before doing so, it pays to master the basics in Adventure mode. This return of a real story mode to the Mario Tennis series serves up a variety of skill-based tennis challenges as well as big bosses to defeat, as Mario travels through different worlds in order to save Luigi from the Legendary Racket

Packed with content, game modes, play styles and a colourful cast of characters from the Mushroom Kingdom, Mario Tennis Aces is set to serve up endless of hours of tennis fun for Nintendo Switch players. Check out the Mario Tennis Aces Launch Trailer on YouTube for an in-depth look at what’s on offer from 22nd June.

Nintendo Switch is a unique home console that can also be carried around, and comes with two Joy-Con controllers for multiplayer fun right out of the box, making it perfect for playing games anytime, anywhere, with anyone. More than 17 million Nintendo Switch consoles have been shipped worldwide since its launch in March 2017, and Mario Tennis Aces is the latest title to join the wide range of software anyone can enjoy, including Super Mario Odyssey, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, and the unique make, play and discover experience of Nintendo Labo.

Watch Rafael Nadal take on Super Mario to see who comes out on top in the Mario Tennis Aces “Aces of the game” trailer. With Swing Mode, players can experience accurate and intuitive motion controls using a single Joy-Con controller. Exclusive to Swing Mode is the Challenge feature which lets players contest the umpire’s call and see a replay of their shot to see if it was in or out. Mario Tennis Aces launches for Nintendo Switch on 22nd June 2018.

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  2. Can we also get Nadal as a playable character please 😂 I would actually make a push for him to be a playable character in the game

    1. Tiniest most subtle detail being the black and red markers at the end. Callback to the infamous intro movie in Mario Tennis on the gamecube.
      “Take this, Mr. Eyeballs!”

  3. One of the best trailers/commercial ever made from Nintendo! Mario Tennis Aces is gonna be a seller for the Switch after an abysmal Mario Tennis Ultra Smash on the Wii U.

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