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Dead Or Alive 6 Is Not Coming To The Switch For Now, But That Could Change After “Overcoming Some Technical Hurdles”

We are starting to see E3 news trickle in for Nintendo fans this weekend. EA kicked things off with FIFA ’19, but this wasn’t the only game to get some Nintendo-related news. Earlier today, IGN interviewed the team behind Dead or Alive 6. The game is slated to release early next year on Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC. However, the Switch is nowhere to be seen. The devs revealed to IGN that they are dealing with “some technical hurdles”, so the game will not be coming to the Switch for now. The good news is that, if the team manages to overcome those technical hurdles, there is a chance that this could change.


33 thoughts on “Dead Or Alive 6 Is Not Coming To The Switch For Now, But That Could Change After “Overcoming Some Technical Hurdles””

  1. “Tecnical hurdles”, could they mean the addition of a new graphical engine or a more powerful Switch for 2019?

      1. Well, since the Switch doesn’t have the grahical power that PS4 and Xbox One have, I thought that the only way to put this game was including a new graphic engine or a new Switch version.

    1. Never compare a portable console with a home gaming system, meh. It’s obviously damage control and double standards.

        1. SNK Heroines is pretty much a sad man’s version of Dead or Alive. So that checks out.
          Honestly, I’m willing to bet both Soulcalibur 6 and Dead or Alive 6 will be on Switch by next year, it just kinda sucks Switch owners have to wait to get third parties (albeit understandable).

  2. I really do hope the game comes to the Switch :D

    It’s my favourite 3d fighting game franchise ever! I need this on my Switch.

  3. I liked me some DOA back in the day, today it’s more about playing dress up though… pretty cool if it came to Switch though. They should just remove the glossy plastic look and tone down the jiggles and maybe that’ll help over come the some technical hurdles ? That screen shot looks nice though.

  4. The wording is reassuring. It says that they’re at least trying. Hopefully they overcome whatever hurdles they are referring to. Maybe they could adjust it onto the engine used for DOA 5 on PS3. Or something like that. I’d like to have a good 3D fighting game on Switch

    1. Actually they should just use the DOA 5 engine and problem solved. Fatal Frame 5 on Wii U uses the DOA 5 engine and it runs great. So it should work just as well on the Switch

  5. Sounds to me like it’s just a matter of getting it optimized for the Switch. Perhaps it’s a new game engine that hasn’t been used on Switch yet, and they have to do the standard checks and balances, and see how to best optimize the new engine for Switch.
    It’s not like this thing is running on something more hardcore than any other game engine being used on Switch, as the Switch has already been running every other modern graphics engine, except for Frostbite (because EA is lazy and cheap) and Luminous (because that thing hardly runs on PS4, it’s just not stable) so I would imagine they’ll release the game, and get working on the port and it’ll come out and run just fine.

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