Nintendo Switch

Video: FIFA 19 Coming On September 28th

EA has, as expected, announced FIFA 19 for all current platforms and the game will be coming to the Nintendo Switch on September 28th. The game adds the UEFA Champions League to the game and of course refined visuals and gameplay tweaks. Take a watch of the official FIFA 19 video down below.



  1. Ok then. But what about The Journey? The Journey was hands down the best part of Fifa 18, don’t know about Fifa 17 because I hadn’t owned a Fifa game since Fifa 11, and even then, Fifa 18 came free with my PS4.

    If I get Fifa 19 as a Christmas present, then fair enough, but I won’t be losing sleep if I don’t own it. Same goes for WWE 2K19. I own WWE 2K18, the story mode was pathetic and the only thing I looked forward to with it was epic Last Man Standing matches between me and my cousin, where no matter how small the bar, we would just keep getting up and Universe mode.


  2. EA’s conference was a joke. Unraveled 2 was the only thing that was 100% certain to be there beforehand. Also, it seems dumb to me not to put that on switch. It’s drop in two player… Perfect for the console. I understand if EA can’t really get Anthem on there, but come on… Unraveled? The characters are straight up like red and blue joy con!


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