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Video: 50 Minutes Of Paladins On Nintendo Switch

YouTuber Tilmen has secured himself a copy of the upcoming Paladins on the Nintendo Switch and uploaded nearly 50 minutes of the game in action on the platform. The game won’t be available until next week, so if you are curious about the Nintendo Switch version then have a watch of the video down below.

7 thoughts on “Video: 50 Minutes Of Paladins On Nintendo Switch”

  1. what kind of nintendo fan plays shooters without a gyro mouse to aim thats like gardon ramsey serving soup wit two chop sticks

    i want his switch bannned by nintendo for gross misconduct or even send ninjas round to kil his stupid casual ass

    1. It doesn’t have gyro controls ATM which I am very OK with. I always turn off all motion controls.

  2. Tilmen is a masochistic man child, he said he was done with Nintendo products after his breackdown produced by the creadors program, also remember the bad things he said about Iwata.

    His sorry ass should be banned everywhere.

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