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Starlink Launches On October 16th And Includes A Star Fox Tie-In On Nintendo Switch

Ubisoft has announced that Starlink will be coming to the Nintendo Switch on October 16th. Even better than that is the news that Star Fox will be included as a tie-in in the game. Mr. Miyamoto joined the team onstage to reveal the news. Obviously the Star Fox tie-in is exclusive to the Nintendo Switch version.



    1. No it isn’t. We don’t know what Nintendo will show tomorrow



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      1. I don’t know. If Nintendo will announce another Star Fox game tomorrow I need someone to stop me from the hype

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      2. I don’t really like the idea of an racing game for Star Fox since every game it’s about to shoot the enemy.

        But hey who knows what we will see. We only have to wait 9 hours and 30 minutes now


    1. After what happened with the Wii U, I didnt think Ninty would work with any 3rd party dev, but damn was I wrong, and im glad I was. Ubisoft is the perfect one too.


  2. Man, 10 year old me would be all over this game and the toys. I’m a grown up, I don’t need toys. I’m a grown up, I don’t need toys.

    My kid likes spaceships, it’s totally for her.

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  3. This is great and all but I still feel sad about the switch. Why aren’t we getting third party games and I blame Nintendo for this why did they have to make their console so weak the switch was supposed to be a complimentary console but nothing the switch is just filled with Indie game and first party game. I lost faith in Nintendo but I still need to buy it just for the exclusive which is sad they should stop making console and put their game on the PC

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    1. Nintendo finally found their audience. The Switch is hitting the 30 somethings with kids that are reliving nostalgia from the first party titles. The hybrid console is perfect for gamer mom/dads sharing TVs. They have disposable income. It might be the secondary gaming platform in the house or the first console they’ve bought in years. If the Switch was released identical to PS4/Xbox, it would just be another low powered box with the same mediocre third party titles, fighting over the same dollars. THAT’S when I’d say they should just go third party, because then they’d have nothing to offer the industry. Instead, they carved out their own niche, and are making bank because of it by bringing in old and new gamers to the industry. If it’s not a good fit for you, fine. Don’t buy.

      PS4/Xbox is great if you’re a gamer on a budget, but it would take a whole lot of platform exclusives to get me to buy one (or maybe just Kingdom Hearts, that’s going to be tough for me to pass on). I need a powerful handheld. I don’t need a crappy PC with a Nintendo/Sony/Microsoft logo on it.

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      1. Surely Smash is the key element for win E3


  4. If Nintendo allowed this excellent surprise before their E3, that means they have more surprises for their E3. Only 18 hours and 14 minutes remains โฐ

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  5. Before I realized this was for Starlink, I was all “Please don’t be a fucking racing game! Please don’t be a fucking racing game!” lol


  6. I remember thinking a couple weeks ago “why doesn’t Nintendo make a starfox game like star link?”. And now this happens, so I’m pretty happy. Plus there’s something being revealed tomorrow.


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