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Best Buy Has Commented About The Netflix/YouTube Switch Listing

Earlier today, we informed you of a Best Buy listing for the Switch that mentioned apps for YouTube and Netflix. Well, the Twitter account for Best Buy Support has now commented on the situation. They said that this is “an error on our part”, and that “while it has been rumored to be coming, we have no solid information on if and when”. Here’s the tweet:

11 thoughts on “Best Buy Has Commented About The Netflix/YouTube Switch Listing”

  1. If Nintendo shows these apps off during their direct by verbally stating they are coming to Switch in the next few weeks or months, this was a total waste of time to try & say this was an error.

    1. But for now, I’ll play along in case this is damage control & these apps are coming. *cough* Oh thank you for correcting the error, Best Buy. Please make sure it doesn’t happen again. *wink* lol

    1. I think all the consoles are advertised by retailers as able to run these free apps when applicable.
      So was the listing in the SKU description, or as separate listing? Separate listing would be weird.

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