Nintendo Switch

Fire Emblem: Three Houses Is Coming In Spring 2019

The upcoming Fire Emblem Switch game has been revealed. Fire Emblem: Three Houses will be coming to the Nintendo Switch in Spring 2019. The news was confirmed on Twitter, as well as Nintendo’s E3 2018 Direct.



    1. No it means the three factions present in the game


  1. I was really hoping Fall or at least Winter this year. Now there’s barely anything for me coming out the rest of 2018. And here I thought I’d have Pokรฉmon, Fire Emblem and possibly even Metroid to look forward to. Not even any promises of a decent single player experience for Smash Ultimate. What a joke of a year for Nintendo, and only their second one with their new console.

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    1. Super Smash Bros will not have the single player experience after the people who can’t shut the hell up by saying SSBB have a story mode and Sakurai was angry about this, but if you think for a moment the first Smash never had a story mode, so what’s the problem


      1. That’s why I said “single player experience”. Smash 4 clearly didn’t care about that at all. You had an enormous roster coming out the gate (which is something that’s apparently addressed in this one), and then had no interesting way to unlock the rest of them. In the original and Melee, even though there was no huge single player adventure like in Brawl, it was still always a bit of a special puzzle or challenge to unlock each new character. It was interesting, and made your eyes widen when you saw that “New Challenger Approaching” screen. The series successfully ramped up this single player experience with each new iteration, with Brawl taking it to the next level. So yeah, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to the Smash 4 advocates that people got ticked off and disappointed when they decided to no longer invest in that. Especially since the only explanation given was that Sakurai threw a tantrum about people uploading the Subspace Emissary cutscenes on YouTube.

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  2. I think this game should be more focused because the trailer is ok to me


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