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The Nintendo Switch eShop Says That Yoshi Will Now Release In 2019

The upcoming Yoshi game for Nintendo Switch has a new release window. According to a post on Reddit, the Switch’s eShop has been updated to say that the Yoshi game will now release in 2019. Previously, it was slated for this year. We already know that the game will not be at E3 this year, so it’s very likely that we won’t be hearing much about it. Here’s the Reddit post:

Yoshi game now listed as 2019 in the eshop from NintendoSwitch

18 thoughts on “The Nintendo Switch eShop Says That Yoshi Will Now Release In 2019”

    1. Now I’m getting flashbacks.
      Also, I hope next year at E3 Nintendo won’t make this game be the star of the show, as there will be a lot of salt.

  1. This is why their “We’ll only announce games within the 1-2 year window” plan is getting dumber and dumber.
    I don’t care how long their announced games will take to release, I just want them announced!

    This isn’t even 2016 anymore! We need to let Nintendo know that we want more announcements so we will know what to look forward to, even if they take years to complete.

    Even Playstation, Microsoft, and Ubisoft (and other press conferences) got that part right.

  2. What gets me is the way they covered the game last year implied this was going to be out before Kirby. What happened? Is Woolly World coming first instead? Something definitely must have gone wrong with this game.

  3. Wow they can’t even finish a Yoshi game that noone asked for in the first place! This is how you waste resources 👎👎👎

    1. No one asked for? Yoshi’s Woolly World sold 1.5 MILLION copies during the Wii U’s death throes, a console with an install base of 13.5 million. Don’t be ignorant, there are millions of people who want a Yoshi game on the Switch.

      1. OK you’re right. Just Dance 2017 sold 1m on the Wii (not Wii U). Because that’s what people asked for! Another Just Dance for the old Wii! What a blind idiot you are!

        1. If a game sells a million+ copies, don’t you think that shows there is still interest? You would be a terrible businessman if you decided to stop selling a game that’s successful just cause some idiot on the Internet (you) doesn’t want it.

  4. If they are gonna stick to this annoying idea of only showing games that will be coming out in the next 6-9 months at one of the biggest gaming events of the year, I’m gonna start treating them like they don’t even attend E3 anymore & just watch the Microsoft Conference, PlayStation Showcase, and any 3rd parties that have a show at E3.

    Only Nintendo treats E3 like it’s a small event. But such is the way for a company that has a bad habit of caring more about Japan, a region that isn’t even their biggest supporter, than the other regions like the United States, a region that IS their biggest supporter. I bet if E3 was a Japanese event, they’d be going all out.

    1. Sadly I think you are right. They truly really only care for Japan for most cases. It seems odd you can care about more than one market respectfully but they seem to think its taboo.

  5. I really want to like Nintendo’s E3 event because of all the Smash stuff but that’s the problem: Smash was really the only big thing they actually showed. Seriously. Their E3 2018 event felt more like 2 directs instead of one. I hate to say it but the Microsoft Conference won me over & they were the standout show for me this year while Sony was the standout last year. At this rate, Nintendo won’t be a standout show at E3 for me for a very, very, very long time. … When was the last E3 event I really enjoyed from Nintendo again? I sadly can’t recall.

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