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Reggie Comments On Third-Party Developers On The Nintendo Switch

One of the major concerns that analysts have at the moment is the lack of big third-party games for the Nintendo Switch. Speaking to Bloomberg, Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime commented on the situation addressing the markets concern.

The market’s worried the Switch lacks third-party games

“If that was the rationale for raising a concern about the stock, then that one is a bit difficult to understand. These are games that are being shown on Switch at E3. And certainly we’ve got more than these that are launching on the platform and in development. Our third-party support right now is exceptionally strong because the platform is growing and growing worldwide. The development environment is straight-forward for the developers. And the consumer is highly engaged. That’s what third-party developers want to see.”


24 thoughts on “Reggie Comments On Third-Party Developers On The Nintendo Switch”

  1. I don’t really see the concern, it’s miles better than Wii U. During the first 1 & 1/2 year it’s gotten Crash Insane Trilogy, Mario & Rabbids, Minecraft, Dark Souls Remastered, Octopath Traveler, Paladins, Fortnite, Wolfenstein, Skyrim, Rocket League, Fallout: Shelter, Doom, Sonic Mania and Sonic Forces. It’s also getting Starlink, Okami HD, Megaman 11, the Sonic Racing game, that devolver digital game and that Ubisoft trials game, and probably Wolfenstein: Young blood too. And these are just off the top of my head, there seems to be a constant flow of other titles being brought to it, good or bad. For once Nintendo was actually brought up several times in other E3 press conferences, and it was great! Not to mention the fact that both indie and 3rd party games sell much better on Switch, like Sonic Mania/Forces (I don’t recall if it was one of them or both). The Switch is on fire.

  2. I see allot of third party only most of it looks like Snes games. For me third party means triple A titles like Tomb Raider, Metal Gear , Gta to name a few. Or in this case pretty much every non exclusive game other company’s have shown this E3.

  3. of most of the games announced this E3 where only missing out on this short list :p :

    Anthem , Battlefield V , Fifa 19 (real version) , Star Wars Battlefront DLC , Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order , Unravel Two , Cyberpunk 2077 , Devil May Cry V , The Division 2 , Dying Light 2 , Fallout 76 , Just Cause , Kingdom Hearts 3 , Metro Exodus , Sekiro shadow Die Twice , Rage 2 , Doom Eternal? , Wolvenstein Youngblood? , The Elder Scrolls 6 , Starfield (Since its a next gen console game) , Shadow of The Tomb Raider , The Awesome Adventures Of Captain Spirit , Just Cause 4 , Beyond Good & Evil 2 , Skull & Bones , Assassins Creed Odyssey , The Crew 2 , Control , Resident Evil 2 Remaster , Jurassic World Evolution

    1. And the majority of that is simply not going to run on the Switch. There is a system parity. If you want those games, pick up a different console, because you can complain all day, but it won’t make that Tegra x1 run any better.

      Strong third party support for Nintendo is going to look like what it did on the 3DS. You need big publishers to see enough value in the Nintendo install base that a cheaper project (because art assets will be cheaper on the Switch) will still churn out enough profit to justify the investment. Beyond that, it could become a really awesome home for larger self published teams and mid sized publishers to put out some creative titles without being forced into a massive budget title.

      If you want things to change, don’t buy and hope that there are more like you. Wallowing in negativity on the internet isn’t going to help you.

    2. Lot of the titles that you listed don’t have announced platforms yet (The Elder Scrolls VI, BG&E2), no idea why you listed FIFA 19 (since it was edited to fit on the Switch. would you say Nintendo DS doesn’t have GTA because you don’t count China Town Wars as GTA?) and the vast majority of the rest is simply a trash. The Crew 2.. do you really like that piece of garbage where the only innovation is totally stupid mechanic of changing vehicles on the fly (literally) and no fall damage?

      1. First of all you might be right about elder scrolls but I doubt it looking at the graphics , Second off all , all the other games have been confirmed , As for BG&E2 just look at the graphics and forget it. People don’t want a edited Fifa but a normal FIFA like it has been for the past 15 years. GTA for the DS good game but that has nothing to do with the Switch or the main line GTA. I don’t know if The Crew 2 is good or not I just listed most of the bigger titles announced this E3. Other than that its irrelevant what games you or me for that matter like,the only thing that matters is that a game console should have a big library with major titles , the more the better. Before you where born people where playing Nintendo consoles that actually did offer this. I’m not saying its all about graphics eather , but if more Power means more big titles i’m all for it , and no i’m not talking about the portable part cause i’m buying consoles for my 4k television and sound system besides i’m not a 5 year old that plays on his gameboy anymore. You could argue that me not giving a damn about the portable party is irrelevant aswell btw. In the end I just want to have the option to play all these titles on top of Nintendo first party cause thats what it used to be like a long time ago.

      2. N has big library of exclusive titles. If you don’t want portability and want all these western AAA 3rd party games, why don’t you buy PS or Xbox then? These days, N’s strong part is innovation. To get all the power and games you mentioned, N would have to give up on innovation and do what Sony and MS does: build strong budget PC and label it home gaming console. And that’d be really sad to see.

    3. Most of those games you listed haven’t been confirmed on any platform yet, because they are far from release. We don’t even know if some of them are exclusives or not. I’m willing to bet several of those titles are actually being made for XB2 and PS5. Nintendo isn’t announcing any games beyond Feb 2019, and nearly all of those games are being released after Feb 2019.

      1. Actually all the games I listed had PC,PS4 and Xbox behind there names on multiple websites , I did my homework before I posted that list. Games that also had Switch behind there name aren’t on that list.

        1. You think Elder Scrolls 6 is coming to PS4? By the way, that wasn’t game graphics, that was just an animation, basically a fancy logo saying we are developing the game. We literally know nothing about the game.

          As for what platforms they are on, PC is obvious because PC always gets upgraded. “Xbox” we don’t know if it is the XB1 or the next console. Same goes for Playstation. And like I said, Nintendo doesn’t reveal their games beyond Feb 2019 except the mentions of Pokemon and Metroid.

      2. I know those wheren’t game graphics been playing games since 1989 when I was 4 years old and got a gameboy and a nintendo with Zelda 1 and Mario 1 :) Thats said even if there will be a PS5 next year it will be released on the PS4 thats simply how things always work.

        1. “First of all you might be right about elder scrolls but I doubt it looking at the graphics” is what you said. You thought those were game graphics and now you are trying to back pedal lmao. Yeah yeah i’ve been gaming since I was 4 and only 1 year younger than you, kid. Whoop de doo. Completely irrelevant.

  4. they took away our club nintendo and now want to charge for online (crappy online). greedy fuckers. won’t even let me play my digital collection from wiiU on switch. what year is this?

  5. Least the Switch is doing good on this front this year. Most of the games may not interest some but a game drought of 3rd party games there is not. For me, there is probably only around 3-5 games that have arrived or are coming to Switch in 2018 that interest me. Along with the 4 I got last year, that’s a nice little backlog of games for me to play when I get a new Switch.

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