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Reggie Expects Nintendo Switch Ports To Arrive Sooner From 2019

As we have touched on before, the market is concerned about the lack of big third-party games on the Nintendo Switch. Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime expects this to change next year. That will mean that we should start seeing more games from third-party developers sometime in 2019.

“We’re talking today about a platform that is 16 months old. The development cycle today is multiple years. So I would argue that beginning at the end of this year, or next year, that gap will have closed. Because key developers have had the development systems, they’ll have been working to create content for our platform from the beginning. That’s what is going to close that time gap.”


Thanks to Nintendo First Order Reaver for the tip!

17 thoughts on “Reggie Expects Nintendo Switch Ports To Arrive Sooner From 2019”

  1. It’d be funny if this is hinting at either an Improved Switch console or possible a powerful console that actually acts like a docked only Switch but with performance above Xbox One X and using more LPDDR4 RAM.

  2. “lack of big third-party games on the Nintendo Switch”

    …… seriously? 95% of all the games on this thing are PORTS!

    1. It’s still a fairly new device. Plus, that’s just the way the industry is now. Look at the first 2 years of the PS4 and Xbone. Easily triple the amount of ports the Switch currently has. And they’re still getting ports. New games take time to make, especially with how much gaming has evolved. I’d say the amount of new first party titles the Switch already has is highly impressive. Then again, I wouldn’t expect a troll to understand the technical side of things. I’m just wasting time typing this.

    2. So? Still games for the system.
      Don’t understand why fanboys of the PS4 and XBox One always laughs at the Nintendo Switch for getting ports, is it because you’re actually scared that Switch is closing in faster than you thought?

      1. I have been a nintendo fanboy for the first 25 years of my life but no longer am , I can tell you that Nintendo triple A third party is very lacking since the release of the WII.

      2. Not to mention this short list of games that won’t be coming to the switch just to name a few upcoming games:

        Anthem , Battlefield V , Fifa 19 (real version) , Star Wars Battlefront DLC , Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order , Unravel Two , Cyberpunk 2077 , Devil May Cry V , The Division 2 , Dying Light 2 , Fallout 76 , Just Cause , Kingdom Hearts 3 , Metro Exodus , Sekiro shadow Die Twice , Rage 2 , Doom Eternal? , Wolvenstein Youngblood? , The Elder Scrolls 6 , Starfield (Since its a next gen console game) , Shadow of The Tomb Raider , The Awesome Adventures Of Captain Spirit , Just Cause 4 , Beyond Good & Evil 2 , Skull & Bones , Assassins Creed Odyssey , The Crew 2 , Control , Resident Evil 2 Remaster , Jurassic World Evolution

  3. Oh, you mean the exact reason I’ve been preaching since the Switch launched, when people were outraged that games that released a month later on PS4 weren’t day on Switch games? Anybody with a brain knew this, but at least Nintendo went out of their way to let those who can’t critically think, know what’s up.

  4. It’s sad that games take SO long to make. Even with several dozen (or hundreds) of staff members working on them. Imagine how many more games every console would have if they could produce a new game in every series, every year. Just like with sports games. Though people would probably get sick of every series if they came out that often.

  5. @nintendroidblog And yes you know for a fact that thoseyou listed aren’t coming to the Switch….boy I would hate to see if you’re wrong but then again you wouldn’t return anyway if you are you gutless coward

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