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Nintendo NY Has Discovered A Bomb Threat That Had Been Sent To Them In April

Nintendo NY has had a fantastic E3 week that was filled with loads of festivities. Unfortunately, the latest news to come from Nintendo NY isn’t positive. It was discovered today that a gamer had sent a bomb threat to the store earlier this year. In fact, according to the NY Daily News, the threat had been sent in April. It was “discovered Saturday morning when workers at the Rockerfeller Plaza store decided to clean out the inbox for the infrequently used email address”. As for the motive, the person who sent the threat had expressed “displeasure over the Super Smash Bros. kiosks being removed from the store”. The police is investigating, although they do not expect the gamer to “make good on his threat”.


32 thoughts on “Nintendo NY Has Discovered A Bomb Threat That Had Been Sent To Them In April”

  1. They’re mad kiosks were removed?… I’ve heard it all now. Glad nothing came of it (yet). Hopefully they can figure out who sent it.

    And since it’s a Nintendo store, shouldn’t it be called a bob-omb threat? Okay, maybe that joke is in poor taste.

    1. Uhh hello! It was not mii eye promice! Wen Mii Mother herd the knews she didnt even beleve mii! Eye even had Mother check all my eletronick male inboxs too check because yes sumtimes i due get frustrated and angrie and eye no i shudnt make bomb threts butt eye have had a historie. anyways Mother checked and it wasnt Mii this time I sware!! :3

  2. Sasori ? Gamerfan2009 ? An Xbot that was secretly a Nintendo fan who would sneak off to the Nintendo store to play Smash ?

    Seriously though what the hell is wrong with people today ? And over what ? A Kiosk being removed ? Buy the game and just stay home. Nintendo or the world for that matter don’t owe you a thing..

    Ay, I’m ranting … 😅

    1. They owe us good games. They owe us a lot of things, actually. This… This isn’t one of them. He had his, or her, time to play those kiosks when they were there. Time to go play the actual game & quit being a cheapskate.

        1. I don’t know what he started that but that doesn’t solve anything. I honestly don’t know who is the name of the person who started the threat that we don’t know of. Nintendo needs more security.

    1. Cheap. Only a cheap person would get upset over kiosks getting removed. Kiosks, might I add, are only a temporary thing so he’s also stupid for thinking they were just gonna keep them there permanently.

  3. This is a stupid thing to do, considering people have lost their lives to this sort of s#*t.
    Go and buy a system for god sake.
    Your very lucky ur not playing with a bar of soap behind bars.

    “Nintendo NY” check your emails more regularly!

    1. Not really. If he looked hard enough online, he could easily find a tutorial on how to make a bomb with household materials that wouldn’t cost no more than a hundred bucks. Maybe even less than that.

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