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Brand New Splatoon 2 Stage Incoming

Nintendo UK has tweeted that we shall be getting a brand new stage for Splatoon 2 on the Nintendo Switch. The stage is called Albacore Hotel and comes compete with a posh rooftop swimming pool, and judging from the screenshots released, is looking like a great map for multiplayer.



12 thoughts on “Brand New Splatoon 2 Stage Incoming”

  1. If there’s 1 thing I love about this game over the original, it’s the new stages. Manta Maria, Wahoo World, Goby Arena, and now this 1 are some of my favourite stages. That said, the only stage I really miss is Ancho-V games, loved that 1.

    1. I miss flounder hights a lot :(

      I really didn’t goby arena alot
      Mato markt is great.
      What weapons do you play?
      I only play the bamboozler and octobrush

      1. +blackabe111
        I like to play abit of everything but my favourites are Flingza Roller, N-Zap 85, and Enperry Dualies

  2. Nintendo continues to show other companies how it’s done in terms of supplemental content with all the great experiences I’ve had under the one time $60 price tag it was not a hard sell when they finally did ask for a bit of money for a new story mode with octo expansion they’ve easily earned that trust and goodwill

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