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Destructoid Reveals Nominees For Game Of The Show At E3 2018

E3 2018 ended last week and it’s now time for the critics to publish their best games of the show. The latest publication to reveal its nominees for video game of the show is Destructoid. Nintendo Switch fans will be pleased to see that they have listed two Nintendo Switch games and those are Starlink: Battle for Atlas and Super Smash Bros Ultimate both of which are due to be released on the system this year. Here’s their nominees for game of the show and the winners will be announced in due course.


17 thoughts on “Destructoid Reveals Nominees For Game Of The Show At E3 2018”

  1. Another major publication that has all but ignored Nintendo when it comes to the awards. And rightly so. Some have ignored Smash Bros altogether as it’s a deluxe Wii U port. It just reinforces how $h|t Nintendo’s E3 was.

        1. Opinions are likely hampered by the disappointing direct. So while someone like me saw Smash Ultimate and loved every minute of it, other people may hate that that’s almost exclusively what they showed.

      1. But Nintendo said so many weeks/month before. Plus we are people constantly ignoring Fire Emblem and Daemon X Machina for example? And also Super Mario Party looks like to be one of the best in the series since forever.

        1. I get you, I thought the direct was pretty alright myself considering I like Mario Party, Fire Emblem, and Smash Bros. But people are gonna expect more regardless. Which leads to unwarranted disappointment.

    1. Which game do you think should win? The Assassin’s Creed port, the Forza Horizon port, the Resident Evil 2 port, the Spider-Man port or something entirely different, like the Ori port?

      1. Assassin’s Creed Odyssey is a new game, not a port. New story, new characters, new location, progression of the overall story of the Assassin’s Creed franchise, new weapons, new outfits. The Spider-Man game isn’t a port either as it’s an entirely new game built from the ground up. Same with the Ori game & Resident Evil 2 which is a remake being built from the ground up, too.

  2. Smash Bros should win. It’ll probably be Assassin’s Creed Odyssey though. It actually looks better than the last games plus there’s a female player character than can flirt with other women. It’s hitting all the right buttons.

  3. This list feels like fan service…. The best game of the show was Ghost of Tsushima… Hands down.
    Nintendo’s event was OK… The only thing wrong with it is that there were no surprises. Everything they announced was already expected. Even for Smash… The direct mini gave away the Inklings participation

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