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Nintendo Of America President Says The Zelda Series “Over Performs” In Canada

The Toronto Star managed to chat with Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime recently. What was interesting is that Reggie says that the critically acclaimed The Legend of Zelda series actually over performs in Canada. He went on to say that it performs very well in the United States and does better than both Europe and Japan.

“There are certain franchises that overperform in the Canadian market. Legend of Zelda is one. I can’t tell you why but the Canadian consumer loves it. Every single game in the series has done better with the Canadian audience than the U.S. audience, and the U.S. audience does better than Europe or Japan. Another phenomenon, and this is a recent trend, over the last 10 years is Pokémon. Pokémon games do exceptionally well (in Canada).”


13 thoughts on “Nintendo Of America President Says The Zelda Series “Over Performs” In Canada”

  1. Probably because people want to escape the reality of their terrible government…. No wonder it sold well in America and UK as well

  2. I wish that another game would release on the Switch that’s as good as Breath Of The Wild, so I can finally have a reason to play my Switch again. Every time I go back to Mario Odyssey, or try to play some other Switch game, I get bored and go back to my PS4. It’s the exact opposite of how the Gamecube/PS2 era was. Back then, the PS2 bored me, and the Gamecube ROCKED (aside from the few times when I was obsessed with WWE games on PS2).

    1. Thats pretty much the story of every Nintendo console since the millenium started now isn’t it?

      I agree that the gamecube is the last good Nintendo console put on the market for true gamers , but the ps2 offered the same third party only often it felt better. Also way more Rpg’s that I personally always loved to play.

      These days you buy a Nintendo console to play Mario , Zelda and Metroid (2007 was the last solid release) and thats pretty much it. A fresh take on Pokemon (see monster world,Breath of the Wild ect.) would be another must buy on Nintendo consoles.

      DK,Kirby,Yoshi,Star Fox haven’t done anything new or exciting. Splatoon, Mario Kart , Smash are fun if your with friends every day of the week. I suppose Splatoon could be oke online aswell but ill take Call of duty and Battlefield over it any day of the week.

      But to get back to your point I usually own 30-50 Playstation games each gen wich are all top quality titles , and my Nintendo consoles got 10-15 games with half of them not beeing that great , but I bought them for the sake of buying something for the machine. My gamecube does have around 40 games aswell.

      For me as a lifetime gamer I prefer the Gamecube,Snes,8 bit and to a lesser extend the N64 (small library but some great games) over the Switch,WII,WII U and again to a lesser extend the N64 because of its smaller library, any day of the week.

      1. Maybe I’m old and tired of playing the same military shooter for decades, but I’ll take a creative arcade style shooter over CoD or Battlefield every single time. But I’ve also always preferred games like TF2, Unreal Tournament, etc. Splatoon actually reminds me of playing AvP back in the day with all the wall climbing and stealth.

        I guess as a PC gamer first, I’ve always looked at my console as supplementary, so less games from Nintendo never bothered me (until the Wii U anyways). But nowadays, if I’m gaming, I’m on my Switch 9 times out of 10. I’ve also got less time than I used to, so I’m still overwhelmed by how much I have to play: 120 hours of Zelda, 60 some in Mario, 100 in Xenoblade, 50 in Kingdom Battle, 40 in Mario Kart, 40 in Hyrule Warriors, 155 in Splatoon, 25 in Golf Story, 50 in Skyrim. Then there’s tons of games at 10 hours or less. I’ve never felt out of things to play, and I definitely haven’t played a console this much since the N64. I mean, even the Gamecube’s library wasn’t that exciting because I also had an Xbox, and that meant that I was always getting my third parties on Xbox or PC.

      1. I’m sorry too. I keep waiting for that gem of a Switch game to release, but it hasn’t yet. If Pikmin 4 and Animal Crossing gets announced, I’ll final have some hope and something to look forward to. And would it kill Nintendo to make another Mario Baseball and Mario Golf game for the Switch? These are just some of my favorites from Nintendo’s past.

    2. Yeah its definitely a bummer you feel that way, but I honestly think its just preference. Since the release of the switch I have personally spent minimal time playing my PS4. I prefer the quick accessibility of the switch and I like how I’m able to bring it to friends and girlfriends places and continue whatever I was doing at home.

    3. I think if you’re not into Splatoon, the Switch’s library is a lot weaker. That’s my go to any time I’m in between games. And then if you’re not a fan of Xenoblade, the Warriors games, Kingdom Battles, or playing Skyrim over and over (I’ll stop one day), then there goes most of the major single player content on the thing. Then of course you don’t like Tennis, so there’s no relief coming there. I hope you enjoy Smash and Mario Party.

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