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Reggie On The 3DS: “We’re Going To Continue To Have Some New Games On The Platform”

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It was not just Switch titles, such as Yoshi and Metroid Prime 4, that did not make an appearance at E3 2018. The 3DS was not at E3 at all. However, according to remarks that Reggie Fils-Aime gave to IGN, this doesn’t mean that Nintendo is abandoning the 3DS. Reggie says that they are “going to continue [focusing on the 3DS], we’re going to continue to have some new games on that platform”. Here’s what Reggie said in full:

“We’re going to continue [focusing on the 3DS], we’re going to continue to have some new games on that platform. We’re going to announce [them], and we will over the next number of months, but it’s going to continue to be a vibrant piece of our overall business, certainly here in the Americas.”


31 thoughts on “Reggie On The 3DS: “We’re Going To Continue To Have Some New Games On The Platform””

  1. I’m in the minority here but I love the fact that Nintendo is supporting the 3DS this long. On a side note, why do people complain about Nintendo supporting a system for a longer duration than usual but yet when Sony supports a system for nearly a decade no one bats an eye? I think companies giving more bang for your investment in a system is a good thing.

    1. Sony stopped making huge games themselves for the PS3 shortly after the PS4 came. Only third parties seriously supported it.

      1. Honestly, PS Vita didn’t get enough support and attention. Besides I think Nintendo is trying to keep the 3DS on its life support And put more games on it until they pull the plug on it.

    2. I wholeheartedly agree. I love the 3DS and I think that Nintendo deserve nothing but credit for how well they have supported the system over the years. Their focus has shifted to the Switch now and that’s absolutely the right decision (I love that thing too) but still getting games like the Mario & Luigi and Luigis Mansion remakes, Metroid Samus Returns 3D and more is just beautiful and it doesn’t hurt the Switch at all. That system has a very robust lineup already and we will see tons of new games on that system too.

    3. I think the rationale is that people see a studio that could be working on a Switch title instead of working on the 3DS. So folk see Luigi’s Mansion and are asking why that’s coming to the 3DS and not a remaster on the Switch.

    4. Anyone who pulls the plug on a system as fast as Sony did with Vita is asking for a backlash. Not everybody is ready to move on when the tech heads are and you likely aren’t in the minority, you are in the minority of users on the internet because people can’t seem to understand Switch is far too expensive right now.

      1. Yet Switch far outpaces the 3DS. Nintendo forecasted 20 million Switches shipped this fiscal year vs. 4 million 3DS’s. Also, thi isn’t a fast kill. The 3DS was supported with actual big releases far longer than the Vita. Its time is coming.

  2. Suuuuuuuuuuuuuure Nintendo. But, will there be anything big coming? Pokémon and Fire Emblem have Switched and so have most third parties. What you got? More small titles like Mario and Luigi remakes and such gems as Wario Ware Gold? Lol. Even a blind person can see what’s going on here.

        1. A small project, maybe. but it’s still a game people have wanted for a while now. like let’s say the made a remake of Super Mario Sunshine on the 3ds, that would be huge! yes it would be a remake but a highly requested game. Like the resident evil 2 remake, and final fantasy 7 remake. those aren’t really small games.

          1. Those other games you mentioned are high budget HD reimaginings. Luigi’s Mansion going to 3DS is by comparison a small project.

  3. lol it’ll be dead soon nothing 3ds related showed up during e3 they said the same thing with Wii U and even other systems, as much as I love my 3ds I just think they need to finish the 2018-2019 line up and than keep releasing special edition 3ds like Zelda or animal crossing or etc so it keeps selling imo

    1. Don’t you dare! Lol… Meh I own all DS models and I never play them, I own about 13 games and that’s it… Personally, I can’t stand portable gaming, hence I never use them my Switch never leaves my dock lol

  4. I love the system and grew up with it. Back in 2011 I was a little kid doing chores around the neighborhood to save up for it, eventually buying the same 3DS that I still have today. I can’t ever replace that nostalgic feeling, but it’s hard going back to the little handheld after getting a Switch. Maybe they’ll release something to convinve me, who knows. Either way, I will happily watch it’s ship sail, eventually reaching the port where it’ll rest retired next to the DS, and Gameboy.

    1. I’m pretty sure the drought of switch games is not because of the 3ds, its because Nintendo keeps wanting to shove ports down our throats

  5. Give it up, Reggie. We all know that the 3DS is VERY close to the end of it’s life cycle. Even when Reggie (or, Kimishima) claimed that the Switch (then, NX) wasn’t the successor to the Wii U (why did they lie?), and claimed that the Wii U would continue on, it wasn’t long after those words that the Wii U was discontinued.

    1. yeah, but the difference between the Wii u and 3ds is that they have followed through with supporting the 3ds

  6. Meaning more stability updates that could potentially patch out CFW. :(

    And more reason to get my own 3DS XL repaired (AGAIN).

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