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A Father & His Adult Son Have Been Arrested For Beating Up A Person That Accused Them Of “Stealing His Pokemon GO Gym”

A 71-year-old man and his adult son have been arrested in Kirkwood, Missouri. The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports that the pair beat up a Pokemon GO player because he had accused them of “stealing his Gym”, and threw a plastic bottle at their car. A bystander captured the incident on video, and the father and son have each been charged with one count of assault in the third degree. Both are currently being held “in lieu of $15,000 bail”. As for the victim, he has “cuts to his face, a ‘traumatic’ eye injury and a broken finger tip”.


25 thoughts on “A Father & His Adult Son Have Been Arrested For Beating Up A Person That Accused Them Of “Stealing His Pokemon GO Gym””

  1. All three of these people are idiots. Of course it’s worse on the two adults who beat the other dude up, but getting pissy over such a trivial thing is very childish

    1. When did Nintendo ever say they wanted them on their “platform” what is that even supposed to mean? Do you mean Nintendo knows these people play pokemon go and allow them to continue? unless Nintendo can magically read minds there is nothing they could have done to stop this from happening.

  2. so the two adults were sitting in their car and this douche threw a plastic bottle at their car and so they were pissed off and got out and beat the shit out of him. That actually sounds pretty normal in this day and age people dont like to put up with shit like that.

  3. This isn’t some unprovoked attack, the victim instigated and the attackers responded with aggression. I’d say all three are at fault here. It’s a game where gym turnover is one of the main mechanics so no sense in getting too upset when it happens. On the flip side of the coin there was no reason to beat a guy up over a plastic bottle. They were in the car and I’m pretty sure that 5¢ worth of plastic would have done no damage. Just drive away in your metal shield and go to your next gym. There were opportunities for both sides to act like adults and neither did.

    1. having just returned a leased vehicle i can attest to the fact that even a small dent like .5cm long still costs about $250 when you hand the car back. the dude should not have started it by throwing objects at the vehicle. surprised no one got shot in this story.

  4. Unless the bottle shattered the car’s window & they got impaled by shards of glass, there is no good reason for them beating the guy to that degree. If it was just a little crack, the son should have tackled the prick & held him down while the father called the cops. The prick would have then gone to jail. Instead, they are the ones sitting in a jail cell with assault charges while the man that they beat up is sitting comfortably in a hospital room instead of being the one in a jail cell with vandalism charges.

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