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Nintendo Has Released Some More Super Mario Odyssey Hint Art

It is back to normality for Nintendo’s official Twitter accounts. One week after E3 2018, the official Japanese Super Mario Odyssey account has released a brand new piece of Hint Art. As usual, the Hint Art points to a place in a kingdom where buried treasure can be found. Once you reach the spot, you have to perform a Ground Pound to get the treasure. Here’s the tweet:


4 thoughts on “Nintendo Has Released Some More Super Mario Odyssey Hint Art”

  1. I complete 100% Mario odyssey and without new levels i no more play it again. Hint arts without serious treasure bonuses is bore.

  2. I’ve also 100% it back in January, and I haven’t returned as it’s boring with nothing further to do, and just not worth the time for another run through. This hint art is a waste of time and I don’t understand why Nintendo is constantly releasing things like this just because. Unless they’re up to something completely out of nowhere with it, I couldn’t care less.

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