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Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker Super Mario 3D World Levels Replaced By Super Mario Odyssey Ones

The official Nintendo website has revealed that the Super Mario 3D World levels which were found in the original version of Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker have been replaced in the upcoming Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo Switch versions of the game. The original levels which were Super Bell Hill, Conkdor Canyon, Shadow-Play Alley, and Clear Pipe Cruise have been replaced by Super Mario Odyssey themed levels.

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  1. I get the marketing consistency, but that’s pants and shortens the existing small amount of content, surely these should be in addition to, or unlockable.

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      1. I guess this game polarizes, but I can agree that it’s just one of the greatest Mario games I know. I kinda enjoyed 3D World and Odyssey equally but for very different reasons. 3D World did for Jump ‘n Runs what Mario Kart did for racing games, offering my favorite coop-experience ever and it was just always fun, no matter if you play with 1 friend or with 3. Absolute masterpiece on that regard. And while I wouldn’t like to play 3D World alone, Odyssey delivers exactly this while being a bit of a bummer when playing in multiplayer; although at least better than that pseudo-coop of Galaxy.

        So yeah, keep the Switch port coming.

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  2. Captain Toad is a great game and could use more, instead of swapped levels. However I can see the logic in replacing the levels that homaged a less played game in favor of levels that homage a runner up for game of the year.
    What I’d really like to see though, is a series of levels that homage all the previous Mario titles in some way.

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  3. Even though Odyssey itself is a far greater adventure than 3D World, there’s no reason to replace the stages. I guess I now have a reason to hold on to my Wii U copy of this game.

    I guess this partially rules out 3D World ever coming the the Switch.


  4. Does it take more work to remove them or to leave them there and just add Odyssey levels? Such a stupid thing to do and I won’t be purchasing if that’s the case.


  5. I want Nintendo to take a shot at making an detailed and deep story driven action rpg, I’m just curious what they would come up with and how the action gameplay would look and feel like, something like a Dragon’s Dogma style game but with Nintendo developing it in house. And yes I’m aware they create the FE series but FE isn’t an Action RPG, it’s a different style RPG.
    I’m just curious to what they would create.


  6. well this is stupid it is messes up the lore captain toad is suppose to be a presequel of 3d world, but now there making it look like it’s a prequel of odyssey this feels so mix since Nintendo use 3d world assets a lot


  7. While it is a bit saddening, I understand why they did it. Super Mario 3D World isn’t on the Switch (yet), so it’d make some sense to cut those levels from Captain Toad. My hope is that, if they ever do port Mario 3D World to the Switch, they add those levels into the game as DLC or part of a free update.


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