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Pokemon President Says “Please Trust Us” Regarding Pokemon: Let’s Go Pikachu And Eevee

Japanese publication Famitsu has had the opportunity to chat with Pokemon CEO and president Tsunekazu Ishihara about the upcoming Pokemon titles for the Nintendo Switch which are Pokemon: Let’s Go Pikachu and Let’s Go Eevee. Both of those games seem like a good introduction to the series for newcomers. Ishihara also hopes that long-standing Pokemon fans will also enjoy them and says “Please trust us.”

“Amongst those who have played the game, there may be some who feel like it has changed. However, we’ve actually been continuously changing the formula for the games since the beginning, and in the end the players have accepted those changes.”

“Along those lines, this time we are also changing things around, but that’s part of the longstanding tradition of Game Freak and the Pokemon series. We won’t make mistakes with the basics, so please trust us.”


49 thoughts on “Pokemon President Says “Please Trust Us” Regarding Pokemon: Let’s Go Pikachu And Eevee”

  1. Here’s the problem though, I got bored of Pokemon Go reallly really fast because of it’s lack of depth. Sorry. So like… I’m really not looking forward to playing this, and I don’t plan to get it.

      1. I think part of the underlying concern is that if this “Let’s GO” series takes off, then that means they’ll make another. And another. And another, eventually either distancing off toward newcomers and leaving the challenge and dare I say fun behind, or fracture off into two different groups, one for the GO series and another for the mainline games. Just my thoughts.

      2. +Legacy85
        Actually, no, according to Gamefreak themselves Pokemon Let’s Go is a main-series Pokemon Game. Seriously, just YouTube/Google “Pokemon Let’s go is Core-Series” and you’ll find plenty of videos referencing the part of the presentation that says this.

      3. @Rosa Parks It actually is a mainline rpg. There is ALSO another mainline rpg coming in 2019, but this is one as well. To quote what they’ve said at their reveal conference about Let’s Go (and in various other interviews) they said it was a, “new main series Pokemon rpg for the Nintendo Switch”. This is mainline just like FireRed/LeafGreen, HeartGold/SoulSilver, and OmegaRuby/AlphaSapphire. It might not feel like it, but according to GameFreak it is.

      4. @Roanark sorry but your info is wrong. Theyve said very clearly that those hardcore fans waiting for a mainline series Pokémon game will have to wait till 2019.

        It’s more than just the capture mechanic. It’s how the pokemon’s Stats are calculated. Which then effects the depth of battles. It’s just a plain more casual title. And everyone on her denying that is literally ignoring the very creators who said so.

    1. This kind of comment about not liking Pokémon go so not liking the let’s go games shows that you’ve not even bothered to look into what the games actually are or you are unable to comprehend the information provided. The only real part of these games that is like Pokémon go is the way you catch. Everything else is very similar to a normal Pokémon game.

      1. Thanks for completely dismissing my opinon. For the record I have been paying attention, and probably know as much as you guys do. FOr instance, does everyone here insisting that this is a mainline RPG know 100% FOR F*CKING SURE that the combat uses proper stats with Strength, speed, defense, special, etc. Cause Last time I checked pokemon Go didn’t Last time I checked pokemon go just granted pokemon a base stat. One number. The combat is very basic and not at all has the depth of the mainline games. And yet the Lets Go series only allows you to transfer pokemon from Pokemon Go, and not allow transfers to the mainline. Why? Are you telling me that when you transfer pokemon, they will be magically assigned proper stats? Has that actually been OFFICIALLY Announced, and I’m just an ignorant prick or are you an asshole who needs to shut his damn mouth when he thinks about devaluing another person’s opinion on a whim.

      2. negative iv’s can be easily boosted by letting other pokemon go for a candy that increases iv’s, thats why its less of a challenge as well as no eggs, so you dont have to tirelessly breed tons of pokemon to get a good set of iv;s, basically, not saying the game wont be fun though, it has lost alot of the challenges pokemon players have learned to love.

      3. Friend, Pokemon GO does use multiple stats. Those stats are hidden but calculated into the CP number along with “level” and other things. It’s just presented as a single number for simplicity, and you can figure out the other stats and IVs and such with a little math or an online GO calculator. This is basic information on GO.

    1. Lol exactly. Introduce new players to Pokémon? Like what the heck, the games sell more than enough. Stop catering to young and new players when we were young and new when the originals came out. If you can’t figure out Pokémon idk what to tell you.

      1. Retard? Catchings half the fucking game you retard. Look how impressive using insults. Literally Pokémon is split down the middle for those who like competitive play and those that like to go and catch all Mons with their own Pokémon. Throwing a ball continuously at the screen is lame and not the basics. But whatever I’m retarded evidently. So retarded. Oh just a casual retard overhere.

      2. read a little more Anon, there are alot of differences, again ill say i dont think the game wont be fun, just not nearly as much of a challenge, with that said i will be playing these games because its awesome that they are now on a home console and it will give me something to look forward to when the more challenging mainline game comes out at the end of 2019

  2. “Please trust us”
    Well, considering you’ve failed to include what people are asking for like actual difficulty settings, a reasonable way to grind competitive teams, and made Pokemon Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon look like separate games but actually just Pokemon Sun/Moon 1.5, no I don’t think we should.

    1. chill pokemon is coming to console bro, and what did you expect when they made ultra sun and moon, they where busy looking to the future, games take time, that one really didnt seeing as how most of what was needed was already in place, besides if you dont like it, dont play it, man there are alot of wieners on here

      1. +Cranium Knight
        No they didn’t, they said Pokemon USUM was an “alternate path” from the original Pokemon Sun and Moon but in reality no, it was just the same game with some changes here and there. There was even that “This is not the Alola you know” trailer that further emphasized these being new games but nope, was pretty much the Alola we knew.
        Also no, they didn’t give us what we asked for, there was no difficulty settings and grinding for competitive teams is still completely boring and needlessly lengthy.

      2. +A Bass
        Just because they were working on a bigger game doesn’t mean they can be shady in their advertising. If they came out and straight up said “Pokemon USUM are the enhanced versions of Pokemon Sun and Moon similar to Pokemon Emerald, Pokemon Crystal, and Pokemon Platinum” then I would have been 100% fine with it but instead they over-inflated the new stuff and deliberately hid the fact that a ton of the story segments were being reused from the first games.
        Also, that whole “Don’t like it don’t play it” argument is dumb, how are we supposed to know what a game is like before we’ve even played it? Especially when the official parties are marketing it as a new game and not a mere enhanced version?

    2. I agree with setting difficulty level. If FE can do it why can’t Pokemon? I would love to play Pokemon on Lunatic mode where you need to make calculated move decisions in battles rather than spamming the same move.

      About Ultra Sun/Moon, i think the additional content is great and accounts for more than what we usually get from a third game like Emerald or Platinum.

  3. I understand having concerns with the GO integration, but if you’re still looking at this game after all the press and gameplay and still not willing to acknowledge this might be a great game, then are you really a Pokémon fan at all?

  4. Also the fact that the Pokémon company, of all devs, have to come out and ask for people’s trust is sad to me. Even after great game after great game.

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  6. I don’t understand the hate. If the game looks bad or if it is, does it matter? A main line pokemon game is still in the works and is slated for next year

  7. “Please trust us”

    What’s that? You’re gonna let me evolve my starter, put in all the new evos, pre-evos, and megas for gen 1 pokemon, give us Mega Raichu and work out a mega for the Eevee family, and promise you’re not gonna call the male player trainer from gen 1 “Red”? No? Then no sale.

  8. “We know what we’re doing” means “We know you’ll still buy it and we’ll still turn a profit so no need to suddenly develop discriminating tastes as a Pokemon fan now.”

  9. People accept the changes to other games because they added new things, rather than completely dumb it down. And I don’t think this will sell to Go players either since the reason they’re playing go is not because it’s dumbed down, everyone who plays has been requesting more depth and features, however they play go inspite that because they don’t have a 3DS and they’re not gonna buy a switch just for Pokemon either.
    They said they wanted to go minimalist with lets go to ease go players in but they’re ignoring that Go is only successful because so many people have a smartphone, if they put any Pokemon game on smartphone, it would sell.

  10. So the debate on whether these are spin-offs or mainline is still raging? Whatever. I consider them spin-offs as they don’t even progress the franchise with brand new Pokemon. As long as these games look like remakes, they are spin-offs to me.

    1. invalid. Pokemon Firered and Leafgreen are remakes and are considered mainline core pokemon games. Look at these the same way, with catching elements from Go.

  11. Pokémon let’s go looks like a flaming pile of trash. Pokémon is an easy enough game to grasp on its own. Why dumb it down? Honestly if someone can’t understand Pokemon’s basic mechanics I’m not Sure they should be spending their mental capacity playing video games.

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