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Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle’s Donkey Kong Adventure DLC Available Now On Nintendo Switch

Good news for those of you who have been eagerly awaiting the Donkey Kong themed downloadable content for the strategic Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle on the Nintendo Switch as it’s now available via the eShop. Here’s the details:

“Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle: Donkey Kong Adventure tells a new tale, starring one of Mario’s oldest frenemies in a new world! Embark in an epic battle against a vengeful Rabbid Kong who uses his new powers to take over a mysterious island. Donkey Kong, Rabbid Peach, and a moody new Rabbid hero, Rabbid Cranky, will team up on a journey across four brand-new environments. Discover a world full of reinvented tactical gameplay, new enemies, and secrets to uncover.”



    1. Wow. Grow up. Fortnite addiction, you need a life, sad but true….

      PS. I’m a hater…

    2. Mario Rabbids is awesome, and this DK dlc is great, so well done… It’s a shame ubisoft have done better than Ninty but hey lol…

      Fortnite sucks big time, why people like this battle royale crap is beyond me

      1. I already have the game and played a bit of DK. I was making a joke of how much I got into Fortnite.

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