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Pokemon GO Currently Has Biggest Active Player Base Since Summer 2016

Super Data Research and Venture Beat are reporting today that mobile sensation Pokemon GO now has its biggest active player base since the game launched back in the summer of 2016. Niantic’s revenue for Pokemon GO is up a staggering 174% year over year. This goes to show that the game isn’t the fad that many expected it to be as it has a huge amount of active daily players. This is only going to get bigger as the hot weather continues.



  1. A lot of my friends are playing the game now that trading is in it, just imaging HOW big of a game Pokemon Go will be when PvP is on it, the game is far from over too, as 3 generations are still missing.


    1. still think this “APP” not a “GAME” is pretty pointless and is only for casual players (speedrunners/hackers) save pokemon for the people that actually play the actual “GAME” not a watered down Phone “APP”

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      1. Looking at the revenue the game has been, and is pulling in, your statement of PoGo being a “watered down phone app” doesn’t really make any sense to me.
        Yes, it is for the casual players and it is definitely an app, but it is far from a watered down game.

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      2. the actual games had you weaken them where as this “COUGH” tumor only has you just throwing the ball like a pleb where’s the actual challenge of earning it ? I’ll tell you it’s none existent!


      3. I don’t know about you, but getting Legendary Pokemons and Shiny Pokemons in Pokemon Go is an actual challenge unlike in the main games, so calling it a more “Casual experience” when is the one that treats Legendary Pokemons realisticaly, as in you need 15-20 people to beat one, sounds more hardcore to me.


    1. Niantic has so much more in store too. They update the game code more than three times a month now. PvP is up next and that’s going to be awesome

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