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Japan: Nintendo Has Applied For GameCube Trademarks

Nintendo has registered for three brand new GameCube related trademarks in Japan which is sure to excite those who would love a GameCube retro console to join the ranks of the NES Mini, SNES Mini, and a possible N64 Mini. Nintendo filed some trademarks for the Nintendo 64 in May 2018 and now they have registered new GameCube trademarks. These trademarks are for video gaming (not general merchandising) purposes. As always we shall have to wait and see if anything comes of it. On another note it is unlikely to  Virtual Console releated as Nintendo said in May 2018 that “There are currently no plans to bring classic games together under the Virtual Console banner as has been done on other Nintendo systems.” The company also applied for another GameBoy trademark too.


27 thoughts on “Japan: Nintendo Has Applied For GameCube Trademarks”

    1. If they ever do make a mini GameCube, obviously the N64 mini would come before.
      Even so, this could just be for the upcoming GameCube accessories.

  1. They have been applying for so many trademarks lately and every time everyone is like “Wow! they must be making that!” But you have to renew your trademarks, so it could just be that. Keep in mind they just renewed the Wii Music TM and I doubt that’s getting used any time soon…

  2. oy, stop getting your hopes up everyone, they’re renewing their trademark so no one else can make knockoff gamecubes

  3. I just don’t see a GCN Mini happening, even if I’d love it to death and pay 300$ for one. Instead I believe Nintendo will rebrand virtual console and start selling those games on the Switch eShop, such as Smash Melee with online play. N64 Mini is very, very likely though.

  4. Remember when we all thought the Switch’s rear shoulder buttons looked like they were analog? And we all thought it meant the Switch would be getting GameCube games?

    Also, I want a Gameboy “AND” GBA Classics edition.

  5. If a Gamecube Classic Mini is ever made, how many games could even fit on it? I know from my little experience at adding games to the SNES Classic that disc format games take a tremendous amount of memory. In fact, I couldn’t even add any disc games because of that. So I just stuck with retro cartridge based games. Even if a Nintendo 64 Classic Mini ever releases, it probably won’t feature very many games for this same reason. But I’m still hoping for one.

    It would be cool if Nintendo made multiple colors of N64 Classic Minis, just like the multiple colors they had for the N64. But I know it would most likely be standard black. But even if Nintendo releases ANY more Classic Minis, the amount of hell involved with aquiring one sometimes feels like it’s not worth it. Even when Nintendo claims that they’re shipping more units throughout the year, I rarely see any.

    I’ve only spotted the SNES Classic a few times in Gamestop, EntertainMart and Best Buy since the release (I bought 4 of them. Two for myself). In fact, in 2 1/2 hours I’ll be going to Walmart to wait for the midnight re-launch of the NES Classic Mini. Which I’m surprised wasn’t posted here on MyNintendoNews. It seems nobody (even Nintendo) has been announcing this until a few days ago. But I’ve been on it like a hawk. Even the guy that works at my local Best Buy knew nothing about the re-release of the NES Classic until I brought it to his attention. I always know things that stores don’t.

    1. The other Mini consoles only had like 20 games and GameCube games typically take up around 1-2 gb. If they put in 32gb of storage that’s plenty enough for the number of games that we should expect to be on a GC Mini.

  6. If they have game cube mini, I want them to add game cube games to te store a year or so after. Just like they should release Snes games right after the Nes offer then N64 etc also include the gba as it has some of the est nintendo console library ever

  7. HD remasters & HD remakes for Nintendo Switch for the love of fucking god! Some of these games have not aged well appearance wise. Eternal Darkness, for instance, deserves better than to be stuck at N64 styled graphics so an HD remake with updated models & shit would be nice. For games like Baten Kaitos 1 & 2, HD remasters would be good enough. In other words, fuck this Gamecube Mini/Classic bullshit.

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