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Nintendo Has Applied For N64 Trademark

Nintendo has recently applied for a trademark for the iconic Nintendo 64 which was originally released in 1996. The purposes for the trademark cover a number of things including a video game program, controller for game machine, joystick for video game machine, TV game machine and more. This suggests that Nintendo could be hard at work producing the N64 Mini following the success of the NES Mini and SNES Mini.


30 thoughts on “Nintendo Has Applied For N64 Trademark”

    1. If it is the N64 Mini, I’m wondering how they are gonna produce the controller. Previous mini’s all had their controllers in original size. So, Unless they minimize the controller like they did with Japan’s Famicom mini, the packaging may be huge with 1 or 2 original sized N64 controllers… but another problem with that is the N64 controller seems too unique to be downsized, it would be even more awkward and harder to hold especially with the 3 handle format…
      Also, I’m Not sure if Nintendo would also opt for accuracy and keep the save/rumble pack slot, just cut it off completely, or merge the slot’s various features into the controller.

    1. I want all of those! But also, seeing as they published Star Fox 2 for the SNES mini, would it be too much to ask to finally see Ura Zelda? :D (just saying, Nintendo… just saying…)

    2. Yoshi’s Story, Pokemon Snap, Stadium, Puzzle League, Ogre battle 64, Majora’s Mask, Wave Race, 1080, Ridge Racer 64, Donkey Kong and maybe some games from Konami, Bomberman 64, one of the 2 Castlevanias, both Mystical Ninja games, I mean both the NES and SNES mini had Konami games in them, and why not? maybe Resident Evil 2 or Mega Man 64 from Capcom too, that would easily make a 20-25 game list to include in it.

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  2. Nice! Really hope this happens although got a feeling it will only have 1st/2nd party games and only about 10-15. As long as I can get 4 pads Mario Kart 64 and Smash Bros I’m in.

  3. Day 1: aaannnndddd it’s gone. Good damn Nintendo if your don’t make enough of these after you failed launches I’m going on a Godzilla style rampage in down town toyko

  4. Megaman 64, Turok 2, Clayfighters, Goldeneye, Conker, Diddy Kong Racing, Paper Mario, Rogue Squadron, F Zero X, Pokemon Snap, Stadium, Kirby 64, No Mercy, Ogre Battle 64, Mario Party, Pilot Wings, Star Wars Racer, Yoshi Story, No Mercy, 1080 Snowboarding, Vigelante 8, Daikatana, Flying Dragon, Hynrid Heaven,

    wait, whats the limit?

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