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Nintendo Has Started Banning Switch Hackers From Online Services

It was sure to happen sooner, rather than later, as today reports have been coming in suggesting that known hackers are being banned from accessing Nintendo online services on the Nintendo Switch console. Users have been receiving error code 2124-4007 when trying to access the eShop. “Those who are banned cannot access the eShop or online gameplay, interact with friends, or post. The news feed and updating apps still works.” Here’s the message users are being faced with:



Thanks to Nintendo First Order Reaver for the news tip.

43 thoughts on “Nintendo Has Started Banning Switch Hackers From Online Services”

    1. That’s actually true it was dumb for them to hack at the beginning of the life cycle, seems like they really didn’t care about the Wii U when it was being hack like that but they been strict with the switch like I can see nit being able to interact or play online but man they shut down the eshop it’s going to be hard to recreate another eshop that’s hack just for the switch, I, happy I didn’t hack my switch I always wait till the stop not caring about a console anymore

  1. For the hackers cheating other users when playing online, good.

    For those stealing games, good.

    For the hackers that still buy their games & are merely hacking for the purpose of modding their single player game time to personalize their experience, a shame they will suffer for the more nefarious hackers.

    1. I’m the last group you described.
      I have a fully hacked 3ds but own 60 boxes games (so not including downloads)

      When Nintendo banned me from playing online and buying 3ds Games from the eshop I THEN started pirating 3ds eshop Games as i no longer was allowed to buy them legally.

      Nintendo: “what? You play your physical copy of sun with mods?? Then we don’t want your money”

      I did buy the download keys for Pokemon gold, silver and Crystal (you know… The keys that were sold in boxes) to somehow support the developers but I couldn’t redeem them so I just pirated them but I still technically bought it… But all other eshop games I now pirate.

      I did not pirate a single game prior and Nintendo took away all my eshop games (about 500 USD) for playing with mods on Pokemon (not affecting others)

      I seriously don’t Userstand why they disable eshop access… It’s like they desperately WANT people to pirate eshop games. Worked for me at least..

      But to people who pirate games? Ban them!
      For people cheating online? Ban them for that specific game.
      People who do totally legal stuff? Just don’t give a fuck

      Nintendo turned me into a eshop pirate :/

        1. I bet you don’t ever download a mp3 (I actually buy music as the play store allows me to ( although my phone is rooted so I could unusual bloatware… I am a bad boy))

      1. Of course you will, since you plan on being in the same cell with him.

        But seriously, you must be the kind of guy who ignores every comment but the last line. Whatever is easy enough for you…..

      2. amanfromdeclan
        Do you mean I ignored everything except for the last line?
        How ^^’? (If not sorry)

  2. Only the users stupid enough to download updates from the nintendo servers directly from their computers are the only ones becoming targeted.

    1. True, but you can’t do much on the Switch when Nintendo even blocks you from booting up certain games, until you update.

        1. Does this apply to the Wii and Wii U in 2018 as well, not to mention several retro games that are no longer relevant?

      1. You are forgetting that Wii nor Wii U are supported by Nintendo today, they do not make them anymore and do not sell their games, therefore pirating these games does not cause any loss to Nintendo. However, the Switch is supported and being sold and will remain supported for at least another 4 years, so anyone who pirates their games causes loss to Nintendo. You may argue, that pirating does not equal to hacking, however if you allow people to hack your system, then you also allow them to pirate your games – it’s connected.

  3. There are switch hackers in online lobbies already O.O

    That was quick…

    They could of at least given the switch 4 years before they started hacking the darn thing

  4. Well, I am definitely glad that Nintendo has caught up with the problem. I don’t necessarily hate those who just hack for their own private enjoyment, but those who ruin others experiences because of it should definitely be stopped. Really, hacking in general shouldn’t occur, but as long as it is private, Nintendo can’t specifically stop it.

    In the end though, I don’t want the Switch to turn into a Wii U situation. It seems like no one is enjoying the games that Nintendo spent hours working their rear ends off for. I get that not every fan will be satisfied, but it kind of bugs me when it gets to the point that everyone ONLY enjoys the game hacked. Smash 4 has gotten to that point. It’s cool and all, but I kinda just want it to go back to being vanilla Smash 4.

    1. Because I’m sure you had plenty of fun with Dr. Mario, Corrin, and Bayonetta in Smash, along with Smash Tour, Pink Gold Peach in Mario Kart 8, and so many dedicated titles such as Amiibo Festival, Super Mario Maker, Ultra Smash, and Star Fox Zero mandatory gyro controls.

      I’m glad Nintendo satisfied you.

      Let’s not lose sight o what’s actually going on here.

  5. For those of you exclaiming “Good”, or “they deserve it”, or “*heads over to GBATemp with a bucket of popcorn*”, kindly get over yourselves.

    First and foremost, not everyone who hacks is automatically a thief. I for one have never hacked my (hard-to-get) Switch yet. Second, people who share the Switch with other people are also at stake, so consider how those non-hackers feel. Third, people wouldn’t have too hack the Switch at all if Nintendo would just let people backup their save data from the get-go, instead of someone putting 200-500 hours of data at risk the minute they buy the system and play it. Sure we now have cloud storage (for $20 a year), but that won’t last forever. They’ll probably omit your cloud save once you stop paying each year. And Nintendo is no stranger to ending services and getting rid of whatever content is on there. So when Switch Online ends, your cloud save will go bye-bye, and if your system dies after that, you’re fucked. As for the most egregious game on the system: Breath of the Wild, people wouldn’t hack the game if it didn’t toss out everything that went into a recognizable LOZ game, AND made the difficulty level too steep for non-kaizo-gamers (on the levels of DarkSouls). There’s also the issue of not being able to purchase certain digital games that have been removed from their shops, never to be available again. We will ALL have to hack the Switch eventually.

    So in short (or, “Too long, I’m stupid”), Nintendo fucked up, and people responded the only logical way they could to a money-making company: into their own hands. Don’t necessarily play a game the way Nintendo makes you, especially if you’re paying hard-earned money, and Nintendo decides to skimp out in certain areas (add or take away something worth complaining about).

    A Nintendo Switch is a single unit of a product line, and people aren’t just allowed to have different opinions, they’re allowed to handle their material possession they paid for however they choose to. We’re allowed to have some choice and freedom in this world. But I DARE the cops to bust down my door and take me out of my house for doing whatever I want with my video game system. Let’s just hope that I don’t live in some enclosed hazardous out-of-reach area that suits (the same people who went after people who got early copies of Pokemon games) can’t get to without losing their life in a futile attempt to do so.

    1. Hopefully Nintendo Account is here to stay & won’t be shut down so cloud saves should (hopefully) be safe. But if they do shut it down for whatever asinine reason, hopefully we can copy our save data to a Micro SD Card or something by then instead of them being console locked. (I’m so sick of this console locked bullshit.)

    2. Oh please. People who hack their systems should accept they won’t be able to go online. Most people do not hack for ethical reasons and it’s important to keep them separate from those who do not hack their games.

      Sure, you’re still free to hack the thing you bought… but Nintendo is free to block you access to their online service. As long as Nintendo isn’t bricking your system… they aren’t infringing on your game system.

      1. I happen to hack for ethical reasons. I just haven’t hacked the Switch, and now I can’t.

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