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Reggie Says Hollow Knight On Nintendo Switch Selling “Exceptionally Well”

Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime has said that recent indie darling Hollow Knight is selling exceptionally well on the Nintendo Switch. The game launched on the platform during E3 and was well received by press and consumers alike. Here’s what Fils-Aime told Vice.

“This year we were fortunate. We were able to announce effectively at the close of the Direct that Hollow Knight would be available. And so there, the consumer is able to get at it right away. And I can tell you that Hollow Knight on Switch is doing exceptionally well.”


11 thoughts on “Reggie Says Hollow Knight On Nintendo Switch Selling “Exceptionally Well””

  1. I’m just waiting until I had a quiet period, doesn’t look like it’s anytime soon!, to play this. I can see it’s been in the top 3 of the eshop charts since it came out so it’s doing really well

  2. It will sell even more once they release it physically for the Switch. Even though I own a pc and ps4 as well the Switch version is the only version of Hollow Knight I want.

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