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US: Nintendo 2DS Electric Blue Console Coming With Pre-Installed New Super Mario Bros. 2

Nintendo America has announced today on social media platform Twitter that they are due to release a brand new coloured Nintendo 2DS system in North America. The new colour is Electric Blue and the system comes pre-installed with the immensely fun New Super Mario Bros 2. It will retail for $79.99 and is coming sometime in the next few months.



10 thoughts on “US: Nintendo 2DS Electric Blue Console Coming With Pre-Installed New Super Mario Bros. 2”

  1. Nintendo can take their pre-installed crap and shove it where the sun don’t shine. Such a rich company, yet they act too cheap to provide physical copies of games with their bundles. I miss the retro days when console bundles were guaranteed to have physical cartridges inside, because digital crap didn’t exist.

    Although there was still one annoying thing back then. The games never had a box. It was only the cartridge. Which is why my Super Mario Bros. and Donkey Kong Country games don’t have retail boxes. Man, even when they released the Wii Zapper with Link’s Crossbow training, they were too cheap to provide the case for the game. So I ordered a custom case from ebay (same for Wii Sports).

    It’s surprising that some of their console bundles actually DID have full physical copies of the games with cases. Such as the Mario Kart Wii bundle (which also came fully complete with the Wii Mini as well). The way a console bundle should ALWAYS be. *sigh* Too much information again. But some things never stop ticking me off.

  2. So, they’re going to stop the white one and replace it with this? Makes sense to me. All blue 2DS’s sell better than the white.

  3. Why? Retire the regular 2DS. Sony should do the same with the base PS4 & Microsoft should do the same with the base Xbox One. If people want the base models, that’s what buying used is for. You’ll sell more of the new upgraded systems that way.

    And a pre-installed game? I hate that shit! If someone is replacing their old system and they don’t have that game & want it, they’ll lose it as soon as they finish the transfer. If ya gonna do digital, at least put a code in there instead. I miss the days when they did that instead of this pre-installed bullshit.

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