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Nintendo Has Confirmed That Adeleine & Ribbon Will Be A New Kirby Star Allies Dream Friend

Another Kirby Star Allies Dream Friend has been revealed moments ago, and it is none other than Adeleine and Ribbon. Adeleine and Ribbon seem to be a set, and not separate characters. The pair won’t be alone. The upcoming summer update for Kirby Star Allies will also add Daroach and Dark Meta Knight as Dream Friends. That said, the announcement was made by the official Japanese Kirby Twitter, so we’ve included their tweet for you down below.



      1. Ok except that part but we don’t really see so much from her. Adeleine instead it was already thinked to be playable since Kirby 64 and in the end HAL scrapped this idea without any reason


    1. >and I think so did Kirby because of the kissing mechanic.
      I was pretty much thinking the same thing. Looks like Ribbon can have her cake, but she can’t eat it.


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