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Video: Overview Trailer For Go Vacation Coming To Nintendo Switch 27th July

Nintendo UK has uploaded a good overview trailer for Go Vacation which is coming to the Nintendo Switch on 27th July. The title has a spectacular 50 activities which can be played with 1-4 players, so it should keep you and your friends thoroughly occupied. Have a watch of the latest video, below.

12 thoughts on “Video: Overview Trailer For Go Vacation Coming To Nintendo Switch 27th July”

  1. This is bringing back the nostalgia of good ol’ Wii Ski and Snowboard. I’m definitely interested in this one.

  2. Hey, look wii sports resorts.

    Honestly though, this game doesn’t look half bad. It has exploration, home designer, arcade, and sports games all on one. Not sure if I’m gonna get, but I loved the original wii sports, so if this is like that, this game is gonna be pretty cool.

  3. This game was actually really great on Wii and used motion plus really well, but doesn’t seem like much of an upgrade here. Disappointing.

  4. Am I the only person that has been dreaming of a Playstation Home type game but Nintendo themed!!!!

    Think about it, all the customisation available due to Nintendos vast range of Characters and games, Nintendo’s IP’s being used to dress up you MII and style your house, even have a pet follow you (Zapdos OMG)

    Mini games galore based on any number of Nintendos amazing games, Samus hunt, diglett digging on the beach, F Zero racing, Zelda Archery game (think OOT mini games) Participation can earn you currency to purchase items in game. The list of potential games can be endless!

    Different parts of the map themed on Nintendo’s IP. Those who are worried about interaction with others, have an option to block all convo or have a bad word filter.

    All the micro transactions on things like a animal crossing styled pool table, clothes for your MII, a Pokemon or Mario styled chess set etc, this can be extremely profitable for Nintendo as well as fun for the consumer without being to heavy on the pocket.

    And on the go too!!

    Well, maybe one day!


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