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Pokémon Quest Reaches 7.5 Million Downloads

The Pokémon Company International today announced that Pokémon Quest has been downloaded more than 7.5 million times since launching on Nintendo Switch as well as on iOS and Android devices. Featuring Pokémon originally discovered in the Kanto region, such as Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle, and Pikachu, Pokémon Quest launched on Nintendo Switch on May 30 and on iOS and Android devices on June 27.

Pokémon Quest is a rambunctious action RPG featuring cube-shaped Pokémon as you’ve never seen them before! Adventure across Tumblecube Island with them as you hunt for treasure, battle wild Pokémon, discover unexplored territories, and cook tasty treats. Developed by GAME FREAK, Pokémon Quest features simple touch controls and a personalized Pokémon experience for mobile gamers and Switch owners.

Pokémon Quest launched on Nintendo Switch as a free-to-start game through Nintendo eShop on May 30, and was downloaded more than 1 million times in less than two days.

The Pokémon Quest game for mobile devices is currently available via the App Store and Google Play.

For more information about Pokémon Quest, please visit

For more information about Pokémon, please visit

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7 thoughts on “Pokémon Quest Reaches 7.5 Million Downloads”

  1. I actually really enjoy this game quite a bit. It’s a blast to play however. After beating world 5 (maybe 6) the difficulty spike is huge. I need 10K Power to beat all the levels now. My team can barely reach level 8K. Then I cant get the stone to leave pokemon up beyond 50 unless I can beat the next world. It seems very unbalance around here. (If you can keep up with my rambling.) But it’s a fun game to complete the pokedex. I hope they continue it with other regions

  2. Meh, fortnite came out same day and didn’t stop playing since then almost 160hours out free game without a single penny, tried Poke also on iPhone and found it better looking since it’s on big screen on Switch. Peace motherfuckers. Take it easy on me.

  3. Andrew Joseph Curran

    I unapologetically put 25+ hours into this game on my Switch when it first came out. I beat the main game, but have yet to finish the post-game. The difficulty spike is HUGE after the final boss. It will probably take me weeks to beat the last levels and I’m not sure I want to invest the time to do that.

    I also want to point out that I did not pay a single cent on the game. I bought the game for free and played it for free. Made it extra difficult.

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