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Japan: Small Plushies Of The 151 Original Pokemon Coming This Year

Pokemon fans and collectors will be excited to hear that you will soon be able to purchase small plushies of all the 151 original Pokemon. The collection is titled Pokemon Fit and you can purchase each and every one of the original Pokemon. If you want the whole collection that would roughly total $1,623.25. The Pokemon Fit collection will be available from the Japanese Pokemon Centres from the 13th of July. Initially you will only be able to purchase the 30 which are shown in the image below, but from November you can get the remaining 121. Each plushie will cost 1188 JPY which is around $10.75 each.




  1. Man, this feels like stuffed animal microtransactions. They’re going after those whales to score $1600 on $100 worth of stuff and fluff.

    1. There’s a word for these outside of video games. It’s called collectable garbage. And people will spend that kind of money on things of this nature. Most people actually if you account for time.

      1. Well, it’s pretty crazy how happy a little plush can make my 4 year old, so if my kid was into Pokemon, I’d probably shell out for some favorites.

        1. That’s the best way to do it. Just get the ones you like the most. I might pick up a Blastoise myself, but I know there’ll be people buying every single one of these.
          Just thinking about how much shelf space 151 plushies would take up makes me shudder.

      1. “I’m talking about cost of materials of course.”

        Ah. fair enough. I do run into quite a fair number of people who dead seriously argue that whatever their personal and completely arbitrary valuation of something is its “real” value, and anything higher than that is just being greedy.

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