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Nintendo Says It Is Looking To Have Around 20-30 Indie Titles Per Week On The Switch eShop

The Nintendo Switch might not be getting some of the big AAA titles from various publishers and developers but they are having no trouble securing indie titles on the system. As we all know, the Nintendo Switch has been a big success for indie developers and consumers seem more than happy to play great titles such as Hollow Knight on the platform. Nintendo has said that they are now looking to have around 20-30 indie titles release on the Nintendo Switch each week.

“We started working with indie developers during the Wii U generation. For Nintendo Switch, we set up a development environment that supports Unity middleware, which is used on smartphones and other platforms. We are also actively engaging with indie developers at video game-focused shows and other events in different regions. We also had a Nintendo booth at the BitSummit indie game event held in Kyoto, where we showcased some games. Some of the indie games already released have gone on to become million sellers worldwide. In the future, we are looking to release around 20 to 30 indie games on Nintendo Switch per week, and we definitely expect to see some great games among them.”


Thanks to Nintendo First Order Reaver for the news tip.

30 thoughts on “Nintendo Says It Is Looking To Have Around 20-30 Indie Titles Per Week On The Switch eShop”

  1. If they’re going to have that much content they need to offer a Steam style return policy where you can play a game up to 2 hours and decide it isn’t for you. I’m already wary of buying a lot of indie titles because I’ve been burned a few times on titles reviewers love but I don’t, so I rarely buy something I haven’t tried unless it’s on sale for a great deal.

  2. There’s so much good in the indie scene, it’s frustrating to see people talking about shovelware. We’re fortunate to be in a time where so many people are able to make the games they grew up playing and are trying to make a career out of it. It’s a hard, frustrating, and often demoralizing thing to do.

    Shovelware is what happens when companies try to churn out crap games as quickly as they can for an easy dollar from unsuspecting grandmas at Christmas. The indie scene is full of people genuinely trying to make interesting games, often in what little free time they have from working all day for a regular paycheck. What makes it really great is not the occasional Shovel Knight or Stardew Valley that floats to the top, but the hidden gems that feel custom made for you, and that no big publisher would have ever done.

      1. Well even a game being on mobile doesn’t make it inherently trash, unless its using a freemium model.

        Steam’s “What’s Popular” tab under Indie has 8,000 titles listed. If we assumed 25 titles a week porting for the next two years, that’s only 1/3 of that (2,600). And since a game will often only be ported if the potential money earned is worth the time and work to port, we’re more likely to see the top 1/3 than the bottom. That’s a ton of potentially good games to sort through. They just need to stop relying on online sources and get better browsing features on the system.

      2. I did not say that all smartphone games are trash, however most of the trash comes from smartphones as they have same architecture as Switch and therefore these games are easy to port over. I, for example, recently completed Manticore: Galaxy on Fire, which is originally smartphone game, and except few bugs it was very pleasant experience.

    1. I’m tired of the word shovelware being thrown around when indies are mentioned. Shovelware doesn’t = indie. Shovelware is any games with lack luster design and effort appearing simply to make a buck or cash in on a trend. Who the hell can call games like Hollow Knight, Dandara, Furi, Shovel Knight, Celeste, Golf Story, Pocket Rumble, A Night in the Woods, Enter the Gungeon, Wizard of Legend, Bloodstained, etc etc and think SHOVELWARE!? Those developers seem more passionate and like they have more of a solid idea than the fools that just throw out some ugly pac-man clone or bejeweled rip-off. Granted I see a lot of UGLY or sad looking indies or games I can legit call Shovelware in the eshop but I’d never call INDIES in general Shovelware. It’s so disrespectful to developers trying to do something that would NEVER get the support and budget of AAA games. It’s where classic gamers like myself can see the return and further polishing of staple ideas and other wise ignored genres in the triple A space. There are some REAL Gems there in the indies space too. Hollow Knight alone is one of the best games I’ve EVER played, period. INDIE or not it puts some major games to shame with it’s thoughtfulness.

      Judge individual indies by their merit PLEASE. Also just because you happen to dislike a genre or particular game doesn’t make it shovelware either. If the game is legit super bad, weakly designed, for a quick buck than ya it’s shovelware. Otherwise if you thought a game like Hollow Knight is too hard and sucks and you don’t like metroidvanias… that doesn’t make it shovelware either.

      (also sorry this post seems aimed at you but it’s aimed at gamers in general. I feel same)

  3. I hope they make a new tab with the name indie so it’s easy to filter out that shit.
    Indie should be survival games not crappy 2 games from IOS.

    Anyways I’m not gonna be negative, oh wait I will, get used to it !

    1. Since when are indies just survival games? They’re platformers, fighters, RPGs, FPS, shoot ’em ups, simulations, point and clicks, puzzlers, etc etc. Indie means not funded by an outside source. Indie studios can make anything! If anything, platformers are the big genre in Indie.

  4. This is all very well, but I imagine il purchase one possibly every 3 weeks on average and that’s probably about the amount that will actually be any good.

  5. We actually NEED more reviews of these games to help us make decisions on purchases.
    I bought castle of heart coz it looked really good, but it’s more like castle of fart than castle of heart!!

  6. Let’s hope each of those games has the same amount of quality as Nintendo’s first-party titles. No more Vroom in the Night Sky(s) or Troll(s).

  7. one or two indie games a month:
    there’s not enough indie support

    twenty indie games a month:
    there’s too much indie support


    1. There’s a big difference between then and now: availability of information, game savvy parents, and digital only (no grandma’s buying it as an ill-informed gift) mean a lot less crap being bought. Sure, you might buy a game with good reviews and not like it, but that’s a risk for any game.

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