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Nintendo: “Not Yet At The Point Where We Can Announce Our Entire Product Lineup” For The Autumn

Nintendo has teased that there’s more to come from them this autumn. The big Nintendo Switch games from the Kyoto-based company which were announced during E3 2018 where the long-awaited next instalment in the Super Smash Bros franchise, Super Smash Bros Ultimate, and Pokemon: Let’s Go! Pikachu and Pokemon: Let’s Go! Eevee. Speaking to investors and shareholders, the company reiterated that they have more to reveal, but are not ready at this precise moment in time to share more details.

“We have been putting forth our best effort to be ready to release information to consumers at the appropriate time. We are not yet at the point where we can announce our entire product lineup, including the products that will be released during the holiday season. We are aiming to sell 20 million units during this fiscal year, the second year since the launch of Nintendo Switch, and have released first-party titles like Nintendo Labo in April, Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze in May and Mario Tennis Aces on June 22. And then for the holiday season, we are planning to release Super Mario Party on October 5, Pokémon: Let’s Go, Pikachu!/Let’s Go, Eevee! on November 16, and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate on December 7. We plan to use this robust lineup, including popular titles that were already released prior to the last fiscal year, to maintain and increase the momentum we have with Nintendo Switch for the holiday season, which is the most significant period for sales. We will communicate more detailed information to consumers at a later date.”


77 thoughts on “Nintendo: “Not Yet At The Point Where We Can Announce Our Entire Product Lineup” For The Autumn”

        1. I have no internet where I live so pc is out lol and I borrow my mates PS4 now and then so I thought an Xbox also I’m a big gears fan and halo fan lol

        1. Yeah eggsactly, I’ve got the 1st party ones worth getting and I have a few indies but nothing out in the next few months at all… Waiting for starlink and smash :)… But after those then what? Metroid 4 is not on the horizon as of yet sooo???

      1. You had to because you were bored? Like how you have to pay for water because you’re dirty and need to take a shower or how you have to pay your rent so you have a place to live?

        1. Huh? Lol I’m bored of butchering games on my 360, Switch, WiiU, Wii, GameCube etc and nothing has come out for switch that’s worth buying since Dec last year

        1. Gears 4 with gears 1,2,3 & judgement… Getting recore, halo, killer instinct, sunset overdrive and any other exclusive that I want to try

    1. I’m in the same department; not hoping for much.

      Though, I do feel that they are not ready because whatever is being held back may have to do with the “Nintendo Online Service”, which we have vague amounts of detail on and also launches in the fall like the withheld lineup.
      So, I suppose the moment we get full information on the network service, the fall lineup may be revealed soon after… or maybe even both will be compiled into one Nintendo Direct…

  1. A couple remasters and an entry in a B list series. I’d place my bets on Skyward Sword HD and Pikmin 4. 🤔

      1. WomenBelongIntheKitchen

        What’s sooooo weird about pikmin 4 ???? You think they make an new engine again ? It’s Pikmin 3 with new levels, done. We will get it. Nothing mind blowing.

  2. i think a remaster of some sort makes sense, especially considering the time between majoras mask 3d announcement and release, was only 4 months, so its plausible

      1. I agree. if you are over with Nintendo why are you still here, don’t pretend like Sony and Microsoft don’t have shovelware games either, that’s like Dropping T-Mobile going to sprint and than you go to T-Mobile store just to say the service is garbage that’s a petty and ignorant move

    1. Forgot to suggest Woolly World, Tokyo Mirage, Devil’s Third, Mario 3D World, Project Zero, Kirby Rainbow Curse, Wind Waker and Twilight Princess HD, Colour Splash and of course the best for last Splatoon.

  3. All i need is a Super Mario 64 port! It doesn’t even have to be remastered! Please, Nintendo!!!

  4. NintendoLifeSoyBoycuck

    Pokemon let’s go should already be released this month and update/patch later on.

    It’s Summer TIME !
    It’s a portable system and they should have Pikmin or Animal crossing or Pokemon Let’s go ready at this time of the year.
    Pikmin is a perfect Spring/summer game. Don’t want to play this happy sunny games in the winter unlike games as Skyrim.

    But no, we got nothing, stupid !
    Nintendo needs new CEO with a vision not these autistic man-children chilling.

    1. NintendoLifeSoyBoycuck

      Lucky I got the wanky cheese version of Fortnite, if not I would be very bored and maybe looking to going back to Pc gaming. Lucky I have not make that choice yet, since Pc gaming destroys your life and health.

    2. Will of course they could be out by now. Someone needs to tell their R&D to make games we asking for immediately.

      If they knew that Switch was already in R&D in 2013, why didnt they think of making the games for the system then?

  5. I’m thinking they’ll announce Animal Crossing for Switch and it’ll release on the day and be linked to Pocket Camp. I think it will be free to play as well.

  6. Yes from my gaming pallet it’s been a shocking year…..I’ve not bought anything, tho MHGU in August looks like it’s going to be the only purchase this year

  7. ok nintendo, you can keep your delusional “robust” line up.

    I’ll be playing:

    Dragon quest 11
    Shadow of the tomb raider
    Code vein
    Red dead 2
    Hitman 2
    Darksiders 3
    Spyro reignited trilogy

  8. I have no faith that they’ll announce anything I care about anyway. But you never know. All I want is Pikmin 4 and Animal Crossing for Switch at the moment. And would it kill Nintendo to make a new Mario Golf and Mario Baseball for Switch?

    1. Would it kill Nintendo to make a Mario Strikers as well as a baseball game.

      Nintendo makes no sense they make games immediately after release like Mario Party and Mario Tennis but cant make Pikmin 4 and Animal Crossing, Metroid immediately after they are released and fans ask for them.

      Ubisoft can make Let’s dance immediately but couldn’t make a Rayman Legends 2 for the Switch immediately.
      Why is it that the games we love they cant make a game immediately and the games we dont care about they make in R&D right away?

      As soon as the hardcore Pokemon Title debuts, I bet Gamefreak isnt planning on making another title right away either.

  9. I hope Mario Rabbids 2 is already in R&D and dont decide to make a sequel in 2020 and have to wait until 2023. If they make the game immediately we can play it sooner rather than later. It’s common sense.

  10. When the Switch was in R&D 5 years ago in 2013, why didnt they think of including Gamecube titles knowing they were going to debut the Switch and was going to have an Eshope? If they thought about that while things were in R&D then we wouldn’t have to wait so long. Why didnt Retro Studios immediately make another Donkey Kong game? If they thought about that when switch was in r&d, we could had got an all new DK Game for the Switch. If I ran Nintendo’s R&D I decrease waiting for games because I would had had the producers work on a sequel immediately. Why wait 6 years after a game released. By they time it is a decade wait. Pikmin 4 is an example. Why didn’t they think of making Pikmin 4 immediately after Pikmin 3 debuted?

  11. Starfox 0 and Toad’s Treasure Tracker. If Nintendo thought of making a sequel to those games then Switch would had had TTT built from Switch from the Ground up. Platinum thought to work on Bayonetta 3 immediately why can’t Nintendo do the same?
    And why does it take so long to make a DK tittle immediately?

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