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Japan: Unannounced 3D Fighting Game Heading To Nintendo Switch

It sounds as though we should be getting a 3D fighting game for the Nintendo Switch courtesy of a undisclosed Japanese developer. Development on the project is expected to be finished by February 2019. So we should possibly hear about it later this year. The “3D Fighting Action Game” will be multiplatform.



  1. Please be Dead or Alive! If not the Tekken X Street Fighter that’s been teased so many times already :D

      1. I player 2 so much much with my brothers. I would live it if they would just release 5 Last Round, the game is so good. DOA is imo the best fighting game franchise for me. Just release 5 and 6 and I’ll be happy

      1. yeah that hurts. SC probably on the next year. This is for this year so….
        Tekken 7
        Guilty Gear
        Dead or Alive
        The King of Fighters
        Injustuce 2
        MvC Infinite(PLS NO).
        Mortal Kombat
        Street Fighter 4??

  2. It could be Dead Or Alive 6 or a new Virtua Fighter game since both Koei Tecmo and Sega have been very supportive of the Switch

  3. It’s gonna be either Soul Calibur VI or Jump Force… or it could be another Unreal Engine 4 powered fighting game from Arc System Works.

  4. Dead or Alive 6, or Jump Force. As much as I want SCVI, it doesn’t fit on the “Development on the project is expected to be finished by February 2019.” description, since it launches this year. Unless the port will be finished by February 2019…

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