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Video: Wasteland 2 Nintendo Switch Trailer

Nintendo of America has uploaded a trailer for the upcoming Wasteland 2. It could well be a new announcement for the Nintendo Switch. In case you weren’t aware the game is by the original producer of Fallout which we all know was a huge hit. Wasteland 2 promises 80 hours of content which will keep you all occupied for quite some time. Have a watch of the Wasteland 2 trailer down below. The game is out this autumn.

13 thoughts on “Video: Wasteland 2 Nintendo Switch Trailer”

  1. MyNintendoNewsFanboy69asskisser

    Amazing how fast you guys update this site, it’s non stop 24hours always something new every 30/60 min,
    even on goddamn Sunday !

    This website is good.

  2. Nintendo First Order General Alex213

    Wasteland 2 20gb, directors cut 30gb on pc. This Only hard release on cartridge (?).
    For me fallout 2 is still better. Yes wasteland is in 3D but full of bugs.
    On Switch this game need better zlom function for handheld playing.

      1. I didn’t look up Fast RMX’s size, so I didn’t know that, but I was already fascinated by the graphics they managed to do in some of the levels (in fact everywhere where aren’t trees). It’s a shame that N let F-Zero be without a game for last few generations, but fortunately Shin’en came to rescue with their N-exclusive Fast games. I really don’t know why they didn’t port it to other systems, but I’m glad they didn’t.

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