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Todd Howard Fights Back At Critics And Says “If You Want Us To Stop Releasing Skyrim Ports, Stop Buying Them”

Nintendo Switch owners were pleased to find out that the well-received and immensely popular Skyrim would be coming to the platform. However, video game critics were surprised at the amount of Skyrimย ports are available for consumers to purchase as it seems to be on virtually all devices. Games Industry recently spoke to Bethesda head Todd Howard who said the following to the site regarding the amount of platforms the game has appeared on:

“Even now, the amount of people who play Skyrim seven years later; millions of people every month are playing that game. That’s why we keep releasing it. If you want us to stop releasing it, stop buying it.”


37 thoughts on “Todd Howard Fights Back At Critics And Says “If You Want Us To Stop Releasing Skyrim Ports, Stop Buying Them””

    1. if they have a version with now frame skips or bugs that break the game or even the dreaded music stop and game freezes making the game shut your console down and hire other voice actors apart from the select 6 or 7 then it would be better even though its a good game it wouldn’t hurt to have a few changes.

  1. I mean he does have a point but at the same time that money usually goes towards making new games, I never played Skyrim before the Switch version and the couple of hours I’ve played was awesome especially when it supports amiibos which in a way is modding the game

  2. After BotW it’s the Switch game I played the most, even though I have played it in 2011 already. And once I’m through the main campaign, there’ll still be so damn lot to do, it will easily beat BotW’s track record of about 220 hours.
    So yes, naysayers who don’t understand Skyrim should just not be part of the discussion in first place. I don’t say everyone has to love it, but I personally don’t play FIFA and give a pile of shit whether it gets released a zillion times a year on a zillion devices or not. And I ain’t got time to actively complain about FIFA.

    I guess it all comes down to people fearing Bethesda would waste ressources by porting old stuff but everyone who knows how huge Bethesda really is might not care that much. I’d rather critisize them for random mobile-card-games but after those might also make some folks happy, why should I.

    1. Truthwillsetyoufree

      Just no, Skyrim is pretty insulting game for any serious older gamer. It has only easy puzzles and once you past the first 20 hours it’s just same copy/paste stuff over and over again reskinned. Just stop ZELDA Botw is way better and calling Skyrim better just tells me you are stupid and have no feeling for art/ game design and production, polish.

      Skyim most overrated game ever by morons for morons. US market is so desperate. lol.

      1. You: I’m a more serious and older gamer.

        Also you: If you like this thing more than I like this other thing, you’re stupid and don’t understand art.

      2. Truthwillsetyoufree

        @Cronotose, Thanks for repeating what I said, next time maybe enable replies back on your profile settings little kid. Did people hurt ya feelings and needed to disable replies in settings, haha.

      3. I’m sorry. I’m 30 and have been a dedicated Nintendo/PC gamer since I was playing Mario and Zelda with my mom on an unplugged controller. I convinced my wife to let me build a dedicated gaming room with a custom arcade I tinker with all the time. I discovered The Elder Scrolls with Morrowind in high school and played the heck out of it. I’ve dumped countless hours into the last three iterations. I’ve also dumped 120 hours into BotW. On top of that, I do have worthless degrees in literature and in Classical studies that I only got because the college paid my way (so I do at least have some training in art). I enjoyed the heck out of Skyrim and my wife (a doctor and brilliant) liked it too.

        I say these things, not to brag or say who is a more “serious” or intelligent gamer. It’s to point out how absolutely absurd it is to say that just because one person likes a game that you don’t, they’re somehow stupid, or don’t know art, or aren’t a “serious” gamer. That doesn’t read like an “older” gamer, that reads like a 15 year old arguing about why their favorite band is better than someone elses.

        Now, I could certainly argue why Skyrim, a game six years senior, might appeal to some over BotW (and vice versa), but somehow I expect that’s a complete waste of everyone’s time.

      4. Huh? Oh that. That was for a blog post I made and put out years ago. Do feel free to say anything you’d like to right here. I’ll see it. Though you’re going to have a really hard time hurting my feelings by calling me a kid when I have three kids of my own.

      5. Also, your inability to reply to cronotose has to do with WordPress, not his privacy settings. If you reply directly from your notification, it’ll still flag him that you replied. It just won’t let you reply too far deep into the comment tree.

  3. Totally agree. Stop re-releasing games. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m awaiting information about Nintendo online and how I can buy Super Mario Bros for the 7th time.

    At the end of the day, if companies want to port old games so people can experience them for the first time – great. Nobody has time to play every great game on every system. If you have played every great game on every system, it’s time to branch out into some other hobbies and interests. Perhaps go for a walk. If you don’t want to play it again, don’t play it again. This isn’t the Wii where you need to feel an obligation to buy the handful of good third party games so other third parties will put in the effort. They didn’t.

  4. Nintendo First Order General Alex213

    I play games mine whole life (36year old, 28 years of gaming). I completist 4000+ of games (still owned 2000). After this long time i believe best game of all time is Final fantasy IX. Skyrim is second best game of all time. Yes, skyrim still is full of bugs, is crazy long for completists, graphic and game mechanism is today old. But witcher 3 is not serious concurection. Only real concurention for skyrim is in future – elder scrolls 6.

  5. Even though the people who are sick of Skyrim and ports and the people buying Skyrim ports are different groups.

  6. Who gives a rat’s ass if they keep porting Skyrim to other consoles? If you already own the game and don’t care about being able to play it on the go, don’t buy the game.
    I’m with Todd on this 1, if the game is still doing really well, why not keep porting it?

  7. The problem isn’t the ports. The problem is that you spent 7 years before even announcing a sequel. The reason you spent 7 years before announcing a sequel, when we could have been on Elder Scrolls 8 by now, is because the investment cost/profit ratio of AAA titles is a small fraction of what it once was, so publishers have taken to trying to extend the life of already made games further and further.

    If you want to release Skyrim in 5 more ways, great. Just don’t let it interfere with Elder Scrolls 6. People aren’t stupid enough to not notice what you’re doing.

      1. Do you have audio of the Bethesda meeting when the decision was made? No? Ok, then why do you say that’s the reason, as opposed to the reason I gave which also explains why every other major company is trying to extend the life of AAA games they’ve already built?

        1. Well, obviously I don’t speak for them. But, it would make sense considering the game’s popularity.

          The way I see it, it’s good for everyone to be able to play this across multiple different systems. It’s more money for them and we even got a Switch port out of it.

          Doesn’t really hurt anybody. It’s a win-win.

  8. So when they release an NES game for the umpteenth time, that’s okay, but when they release Skyrim for the umpteenth time, it’s an issue? Is that what I’m supposed to be taking from this?

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