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Nintendo Says More Updates Are Coming For Mario Kart 8 Deluxe On Nintendo Switch

Nintendo’s Shinya Takahashi has confirmed today that the company is planning more updates to the popular Nintendo Switch title Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. This will come as welcome news to many Nintendo Switch owners as the title is still selling extremely well and is one of the best-selling Nintendo Switch titles to date. More information will supposedly come soon.

59 thoughts on “Nintendo Says More Updates Are Coming For Mario Kart 8 Deluxe On Nintendo Switch”

  1. For me JUST give me 48 more tracks courses, more splatoon AND FIRE EMBLEM characters racers and third parties guests like Bayonneta Cloud, Megaman, pacman, ryu, snake.
    Sonic has already his car game so depends.

    Bring more 24 courses for battle.

    Mario kart Youtube channel active again when they bring the online service

    Increase speeds: 250cc and 300c plus mirror.

    Mario karts amiibos edition.

  2. Wow definitely didn’t expect to hear that. I do still get surprised by how much it still sells it’s always in the top selling charts somewhere.

  3. Well, it’s about time after the last truly new Mario Kart (8 on Wii U) for them to start really looking at making new content. If it’s not going to be a new game then add-on content to 8 Deluxe it shall be, since it seems they’re sticking with the one-Mario-Kart-game-per-system rule.

  4. Makes sense. I don’t see them making MK9 on Switch and they are just leaving money on the table by not working on more content. The timing is good too… sneak it out during a lull of new software.

  5. It’s likely they wanted to see how well it would sell first and considering how well it is still selling, it would be silly not to keep supporting it.
    As for what I want, honestly I just want them to pull a Smash Bros Ultimate and bring back all the characters from past games. Can you imagine a roster with every last character? That would be dope!

    1. You can add all that with DLC. The only reason to make a MK9 is to add a band new mechanic to the game.
      Personally… I almost want to bet we’ll just see some kind of Nintendo Kart next given all the crossover stuff we have (and perhaps more with the new DLC). They’ve kinda oversaturated the roster already on the Mario side so I could see them opening it up a bit while still keep the core Mario Kart gameplay mechanics.

      1. Yeah MK9 should be the last one and just for Switch… Nintendo Kart should come after hopefully when Ninty makes a console with alot more power

      2. Oversaturated with Mario characters? Sorry but I don’t share that sentiment. Honestly I felt that Link, Isabelle, Villager, and Inklings kind of messed things up. But if they’re gonna consider more guest characters, I do not want to see any before E. Gadd gets a chance to race; I’ve wanted him on the roster since MKDS.

      3. I mean… when you’ve got main character and then metal main character and then baby main character and then animal suit main character… it’s just not very exciting.
        Now granted, you are right that they could easily fix this by including some more interesting Mario series characters like E.Gadd, Fawful, etc… but I can see them leaning more towards just making the leap to Nintendo Kart.

  6. I’d much rather see DLC over MK9 right now. We’ll need another generation jump before a new MK would be worth doing.

  7. That’s great news. I don’t have Deluxe yet, because I played MK8 quite a bit on the Wii U but new tracks would definitely get me to pick up a copy.

  8. MK8 is a 2014 game, like it or not it starting to feel outdated. The 2017 deluxe treatment was the best thing that ever happened to it since it has such solid controls and compelling gameplay. However, MK9 needs to happen within two years if you see the pattern of MK release timeframes.

    I really do think that continuing supporting the game with DLC meaning running bug fixes and patches but not new characters and stages.

    1. Can you explain what feels outdated about it because I don’t understand that statement? Unless you just mean you’re personally tired of it which is something different.

  9. I hope nintendo’s next console will be decently powerful and support at least 4k…
    I understand that the switch could never be as powerful as the home consoles, but we are so far away from the upcoming competition (next gen) its concerning…
    we all know that graphics dont make the games themselves good but if you compare lets say wind waker and wind waker HD, you can not argue that a modern thechnolocical lifting makes the same game way more beautiful and charming, and dont even get me started on good performances its so much smoother to play a silky smooth 60 fps than have to accept compromises because of the hardware and have a similar but somewhat inferior experience.

    anyways I wish to play my favourite games (nintendo) on more modern hatdware in the future…

    1. Currently, if you want to game in 60fps and 4k like you say, you need a PC with a $450 graphics card bare minimum. Really, you need something at least $700+. There’s a reason the other consoles have so few running native 4k/60fps and often if they do, they turn off a lot of lighting and particle effects. 4k adoption has been slow, and a lot of people actually prefer 1080p 144hz displays with games pushing enough frames to take advantage of that awesome refresh rate.

    2. Xbox and ps4 are lying to your gullible asses, those consoles can’t do true 4k, it’s just upscaled. I’ve seen that sentiment often and i don’t get why, it’s a hybrid console. How do you expect it to be a power house without it being even more expensive?

        1. Actually, the Xbox One X is capable of true 4K. The problem is 3rd parties aren’t making their games in 4K so games on Xbox One X are almost always upscaled to 4K. PS4 Pro & Xbox One S are the systems that aren’t capable of true 4K.

  10. All I ask for is Wario Stadium 64. I don’t care if we got Wario stadium DS, that’s my moms favorite stage and I want to play a Mario kart game we can both enjoy.

      1. I know that. What I’m saying is I think he means things LIKE that, not like new content. More like Quality of Life/game mode improvements.

  11. Bring back the good characters such as Diddy Kong, Birdo, ROB, Funky Kong and add King K Rool, Dixie Kong, Kamek, Toadsworth, Pauline to the game

    Remove Pink Gold Peach, Baby Rosalina, Baby Daisy, Lakitu, Metal Mario, Cat Peach, Tanooki Mario

    1. I think it’s super neat that they did that, and its cute but people like to be babies about things. I for one am very curious on what other games will get Labo support. Oh, and while not official but still something I wanna make, I forget who but a Japanese guy made these Splatoon weapons to use with Joycons to play Splatoon 2

  12. This talk about the Despisable Switch Port of Mario Kart 8 has to stop. What would be nice to hear of is the meaning of existence for these Switch Ports of Wii U games. Until it’s announced that the system will indeed have a New Mario Kart game with 16 or 20 NEW Nitro and Retro tracks eventually like with every other gaming system, I will not be getting my hands on a Switch myself.

      1. Iwata never would’ve approved this Despisable Switch Port of Mario Kart 8, he never would’ve approved Nintendo’s systems to be creating Ports of games from their Predecessors. Once assured that these franchises that had Switch Ports of Wii U games will indeed have new games for their franchises eventually, especially those of franchises that have new games on every Nintendo System, his ghost will be smiling.

      2. The franchise’s Switch game would be a game with 16 or 20 New Tracks to be amazed by, 16 or 20 Familiar Mario Tracks to be remastered, a Mario Kart game with aspects from Super Mario Odyssey like Mario Kart: Double Dash was a game in the franchise with Super Mario Sunshine aspects, a game with new gameplay aspects to be amazed by, a game with hopefully a good amount of Familiar Mario Characters, a game with Unlockable Content, a game with DLC, nd most importantly it would be a MARIO GAME.

  13. Updates as in more characters & race tracks which are free? 12 new characters & 16 new tracks (2 new Grands Prix for brand new tracks & 2 Grands Prix for retro tracks) and I’ll gladly pay 60 bucks for MK8D. If not, I’ll continue to skip over it.

  14. Personally, I want a Rainbow Road cup featuring a five or six track race composed of the best Rainbow Roads in the franchise. And single player missions.

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