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Panic Button Says That There Are “Tons” Of Nintendo Switch Projects In Development

Warframe was recently announced for the Nintendo Switch. However, if you’re not a fan of that game, then you may be happy to hear that Panic Button‘s Switch support is far from over. According to a Reddit AMA that the company held, they have “tons” of Switch projects in development. And Panic Button may have hinted what one of them are.

You see, later in the AMA, the company also said that “we just announced Subnautica for PS4 and Xbox One yesterday, and there could be…other things”. They were also asked if the game is coming to the Switch, and Panic Button responded with “anything is possible”. This has caused some to speculate that Subnautica may be one of those unannounced Switch projects. If one is announced, we will let you know.


11 thoughts on “Panic Button Says That There Are “Tons” Of Nintendo Switch Projects In Development”

  1. Great! We can look forward to more watered down overpriced old ports. 8GB of which said games will be on a cartridge while the rest of the game will be a massive digital download. Plus the boxart ruined by a hideous white banner reminding us of the download. I can’t wait.

    1. Then go play Wolfenstein or DOOM 2016 on android/iOS because that is somehow better ports than the Switch versions

  2. They do an awesome job utilizing the hardware capabilities of the Switch. I’d say they have the best ports out now. Pretty crazy what they can accomplish and I’m excited to see what’s next.

  3. Sweet! Though, it potentially highlights some of the Switch’s shortcommings as well. I love my Switch dearly and am quite pleased with every PanicButton ported game I’ve purchased. I look forward to seeing what magic they pull out of a hat next. (MH:World?)

    … however, they seem to be nearly the only ones able to pull off ports no one else will even attempt, and with each game it is becoming clear they are already pushing the absolute limits of the hardware and BARELY getting them to work, with significant (but forgivable) compromises.

    With whispers of PS5 and ‘Next-Box’ already in the wind, Nintendo really needs to be ready to launch a Switch-Plus (akin to “New-3DSXL” or XBO:X that is the same platform, beefed up) with enhanced capabilities sooner than they’d like if they want any hope of having any 3rd party ports beyond fall 2019. Anything built with Next-Gen in mind can’t possibly be scaled down to this current incarnation of Switch hardware. PanicButton is already pulling off miracles as it is.

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