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My Nintendo Is Offering Some Octopath Traveler Box Art Covers

If Octopath Traveler’s box art doesn’t satisfy you, then there’s some good news. If you are a part of My Nintendo, you can get 8 different Octoberpath Traveler box art covers to celebrate its launch. There is one cover for each of the game’s main characters. You can only redeem this reward once, and the covers will only be available until January 1st, 2019 at 2am Eastern Time. You can see an image of the covers down below.

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27 thoughts on “My Nintendo Is Offering Some Octopath Traveler Box Art Covers”

    1. Yeah, I was wondering if that was the case (get it? “CASE?” You know because, well nevermind)

    2. If you go to a Kinkos, UPS, or anywhere else with a high quality printer and glossy paper you can probably get a print out of each for a couple cents.

      1. Thanks for this because I would have NEVER thought about those places. Not to mention buying high-quality paper to print the covers out. I hadn’t bought any since middle school tbh so this was a needed reminder~

      1. it’s literally just an image you print on your own.
        I’m sure there are forums that will share the full size quality for people to print.
        (they do this for the digital wallpapers/backgrounds too)

  1. By the way, they are arranged such that the first letter of each characters name spells out octopath. That’s pretty slick. Blew my mind when someone pointed it out to me XD

  2. You have to print them … Waw !

    So much crap, seriously that’s not collecting worth.
    Rip Club Nintendo.

    Wortheless shit you downgrade the value with self printed covers, why not pirate the cartridge to make it complete, Jesus

  3. I know the reward is redeemable once. But can I purchase the reward multiple times? That way I can get all of them?

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