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Take-Two Confirms That WWE 2K19 Is Not Coming To Nintendo Switch

If you were hoping for a Nintendo Switch version of WWE 2K19, you may be disappointed to hear that it won’t be happening. In a recent interview, Take-Two Interactive confirmed that the upcoming wrestling title will be skipping Nintendo’s latest console entirely. Instead, the game is solely in development for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The following statement comes from a Take-Two representative in regard to the matter:

“The game will not be available on Nintendo Switch. 2K is focused on making the best possible experience for WWE 2K fans and will continue evaluating all opportunities to deliver the franchise across additional platforms.”

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  1. So rather than improve things they just aren’t bothering. Probably scared by all the people demanding refunds and posting on social media about the last game. We’ll never seen another one on Switch from them but I don’t think many people will be too sad. It’s a shame they have the licence really.

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    1. 1. The switch is still the most powerful portable console
      2. We are talking about a fucking Wrestling game. This ain’t rocket science. This is basically a small arena and some characters to render.
      3. The Switch manages to pull off some decent graphics in open world games, it got Doom and Wolfenstein ported which noone thought would be possible. Maybe not 4K HDR 60 fps but again, very good for a system that only consumes 7 watts.

      You have to understand what the Switch is made for. There will be a more powerful Switch coming one day, but it again won’t be a competitor to the PS5. And in many cases I agree that the Switch is just not powerful enough to run certain games and it just would harm the experience to port them. But in this case, it’s just very bad developers that did an insanely awful job once and aren’t willing to do it again. Which is fine by me. It just hasn’t anything to do with Switch’s portability-optimized designconcept. Just because the Switch doesn’t have enough ressources to give away that even these devs are able to make a simple game with bad code doesn’t make the hardware any worse.

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      1. Well I guess the switch is a complimentary console but I really hope they’re creating A new switch cuz we ain’t getting any big third party games


    2. Or get help from Panic Button which is the better idea since they can push the console to its full potential unlike Take-Two Interactive who are just lazy and put zero effort in optimizing the Switch version.

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    3. You talk a load of bollocks wwe 2k18 was a garbage port of switch.To be perfectly honest wwe 2k18 was terrible on the ps4 i played it and hated it.The gameplay was horrible especially the rubbish pin system and stupid mini games.The game just wasn’t fun to play at all and is one of the worst ps4 games I’ve ever played.

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      1. “Then, you don’t get the video game industry and the switch at all!”

        Either there’s sarcasm here that was lost in translation because it’s in text form, or you’re actually suggesting that I don’t understand video games or the switch based on the non-opinions I didn’t give. So I’ll say that I won’t insult your intelligence by suggesting you actually believe what you just said. You must have been sarcastic.


  2. Once upon a time, this would have pissed me off. I’m SO glad I don’t care about wrestling anymore. But I’ll always love the past wrestling games that were actually good. I’m talking N64, PS2 and Gamecube era. The Wii was the beginning of the end for good WWE games on Nintendo consoles.


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