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Video: Nintendo Shares Official Recording Session For Splatoon 2’s Octotune Soundtrack

Splatoon 2’s Octotune soundtrack is set to arrive this Wednesday July 18, in Japan. To celebrate the upcoming release, Nintendo has uploading a new video that consists of a recording session that previews the Nasty Majesty, Fly Octo Fly and Blitz It songs, which will be included as part of the original soundtrack. You can listen to samples of all three tracks via the embedded video below:

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16 thoughts on “Video: Nintendo Shares Official Recording Session For Splatoon 2’s Octotune Soundtrack”

    1. There’s a video on youtube and you’re better left not knowing who did the voice for Inkling girl lol, that iconic woomy we all know and love.

  1. Who cares ? After fortnite motion update = RIP Splatoon.

    4vs4 shooting ink, nah I’m good.

    50vs50 shooting on big map and building camps, I’m in bud.

    Splatoon 4vs4 is the past bro, after 50vs50 you can’t go back.

    It’s time for Nintendo to go with the times, 4vs4 is from the 90’s. We all play on 100 player and more maps here in the west.

    It’s almost an insult and shows the scummy side of Nintendo, because Epic does it for free and has FREE servers,
    NO P2P. They got caught cold handed, just shows you how much bs and how the fanboys defend these anti consumer practices.

    Start voting with wallet and they have no choice than releasing something new and revolutionary like the good old Nintendo days.

    Big Smoosh Xxx now go cry for me.

    1. I was so excited about Fortnite and after I tried it I found out how boring and overrated the game is. It saddens me to see the decline of people’s gaming taste nowadays. Just go back and stick with your Crapnite.

      1. That’s because you suck, prob a 12 year old rekt you because you just started the game and already your ego got hurt after you got killed. Fortnite came from the survival gerne ( dayZ) you lose everything, so it’s not for weak minds who instant explode and rage after they fail.

        Suck to be you bro, so closed minded because you are so afraid of failing and growing.
        Poor bastard.

      2. Oh well it’s not we gonna miss you jumping out of the plane, don’t want your mindset in my squad.

        Back to kindergarten and spraying ink and cry about who you share bed with in your head on the Splatoon 2 plain messages with the other 12 year olds.


  2. Are those the voice actors for Pearl and Marina? They look EXACTLY how I’d imagine! I love this video so much.

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