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Japan: A Look At Splatoon 2 The Octotune Set

The Japanese Splatoon 2 Twitter account lifted the lid on the upcoming Octotune soundtrack set. As previously reported, you can purchase either the Standard Edition or the Special Edition set. You get two CDs with fabulous tunes, but if you purchase the Special Edition you get a a Blu-Ray featuring the Off the Hook concert at NicoNico Tokaigi and also art of the Splatfest hosts Callie, Marie, Pearl and Marina. If you opt for the standard edition of Octotune then you will only have to pay ¥3,200, but if you go for the Special Edition it is ¥4,800. Have a look at the Standard Edition and the Special Edition below.


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    1. Actually I do and so do many other people. Almost every Castlevania game has great music, especially Symphony of the Night, Eiji Shinjo stage music from Toshiden 2 is one of my favorites, Guilty Gear 2: Overture – Diva music is really good, Blazblue Ost – Rebelion (Ragna The Bloodedge Theme) is pretty good, I also like Monster Hunter music as well like the White Fatalis theme and the theme of Mizutsune from generations.


    2. It’s the only music I listen to.
      I never listen to any other kind of music.
      But I listen to music very rarely anyway (more of a podcast ebook guy)

      But there are games out there with great tunes!
      Mario, Megaman, Pokemon, Shin megami tensei, donkey Kong, Zelda

      Just because it’s not an the radio doesn’t mean it’s not music otherwise a lot of songs out there would be music.
      And just because it’s in a game does make it non-music otherwise just dance would turn “music into non-music”by that logic.


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